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Parents of the HS Class of 2022


Replies to: Parents of the HS Class of 2022

  • sfSTEMsfSTEM Registered User Posts: 122 Junior Member
    It's 10th grade course selection week at S22's high school. One thing that's come up. He's currently in Alg 2/Trig, has a high A. His teacher said that if you have a high A, you might want to go right into AP Calc A/B in 10th grade. Sorta cool, but I'm not sure about this move. Why?

    (1) His high school tops out at Calc B/C (separate from A/B). He'd exhaust his Calculus options by junior year. He could do advanced calculus at a local community college, but then scheduling will be something of a pain. (2) He wants to do comp sci, which means engineering departments at colleges. I'm not sure what doing more than Calc B/C "buys" him in terms of admission for those schools. (3) Math Analysis (pre-calc) has lessons that will be useful for the engineering classes inevitably he'll have to take. But perhaps Calc A/B covers that material first quarter (since A/B and B/C are separate full year courses at his school). SAT Subject Math 2 is based on Math Analysis (engineering schools like to see that test score).

    My inclination is that he does Math Analysis. But I'm open to changing that position. Anyone have thoughts on this?
  • vistajayvistajay Registered User Posts: 1,393 Senior Member
    @sfSTEM , our school's math progression is similar, except after Analysis students elect to take either Calc A/B or B/C. B/C is about the same as A/B except that B/C goes much faster, covers much more, and is more like a college level course. Given that, I do not see the advantage in taking both A/B and B/C, as B/C will cover everything in A/B anyway. Maybe your schools teaches the course much differently.
  • sfSTEMsfSTEM Registered User Posts: 122 Junior Member
    @vistajay I checked, and I made a mistake. B/C is actually a single semester class. So his school does A/B as a full year class, B/C as a semester class. A/B is required before you do B/C.
  • sfSTEMsfSTEM Registered User Posts: 122 Junior Member
    One other 10th grade scheduling item. I'd said before that my happy STEM warrior would probably do regular World History next year. Well, he's decided to the AP plunge. He'll be doing AP World History after all.
  • vistajayvistajay Registered User Posts: 1,393 Senior Member
    S22 had no problems with his coursework 3rd quarter except for Spanish. The teacher asks a lot of test questions that S22 thinks can result in several interpretations that are equally correct, but to her there is only one correct answer. If the word or phrase's meaning is supposed to be evident from the context or a preceding phrase, then she is not doing a very good job of teaching the students the distinction. This culminated at the exam, which was rife with such interpretations. To make it worse, the proctor spent the first 10-15 minutes of the exam period handing out detentions for uniform/grooming infractions and generally upbraiding the students, and most did not have enough time to finish the exam. We complained about the proctor. She could have given out all the detentions she wanted, but after the exam. First time in 6 years with two kids at this school that we've ever complained about a teacher to the administration. Anyway, S22 got an 86 on the exam, but just barely kept his A. He spend the exam review class arguing with the teacher about the correct answers to many of the questions, LOL. I feel bad for his friend, who got a 78 on the exam and earned his first B in a course. Oh well...life's obstacles.
  • mom2twogirlsmom2twogirls Registered User Posts: 2,190 Senior Member
    My d22’s only complaint about her 3rd quarter interim report was that the English teacher didn’t make a personal comment and instead used the space available to warn parents that most kids grades are going to be negatively effected by the upcoming essay. Guess it wasn’t the warm, encouraging support d22 would have preferred.
  • OrangeFishOrangeFish Registered User Posts: 772 Member
    S22's big audition for 2019-2020 orchestra is next week. This year they are scheduling auditions during class time; there are four orchestra levels in high school and each musician must audition for a seat in one of the orchestras. He has been practicing his audition piece since November. He is trying to move up one level of orchestra yet the competition is tough. He does love it, though, and I never have to remind him to practice. :)
  • 13street13street Registered User Posts: 4 New Member
    Any ideas for what to do re: summer employment? It appears a number of jobs want the kid to be 16 years old or work during the school year as well. (The latter may be difficult with S's course load.) We don't live near a beach or vacation spot, so that avenue is likely closed.

    For those of you with older kids, at what types of places did they work before they turned 16? I am especially interested in those kids that worked only summer jobs.
  • OrangeFishOrangeFish Registered User Posts: 772 Member
    No luck in our area @13street -- the local grocery store used to hire baggers at age 14, but they seem to have no options for summer. The area pools will hire 15 year-olds for lifeguards but S22 does not want to do that. He is probably going to sign up for summer strings instead of working a summer job.

    We did learn today he made the higher level of orchestra! He is excited but I think he is even more happy that it is all over!
  • mom2twogirlsmom2twogirls Registered User Posts: 2,190 Senior Member
    My d19 didn’t work until she was 16. My d23 desperately wants a job. So far, nothing has come through. Our local grocery store does sometimes hire 15 year olds, that’s year round which she actually does want. I do know that at least one local U-pick farm place does hire 15 year olds, so she might apply there once summer gets here. Sometimes I’ve seen bussing jobs available to 15 year olds too.
  • vistajayvistajay Registered User Posts: 1,393 Senior Member
    My own opinion is that if a 15 yr old wants to work, they should start up their own summer business. There are lots of things they can do, depending on their interests and skill set. They can baby sit, mow lawns, repair computers, help older neighbors and relatives with tech issues, get music gigs, start a tutoring service for neighborhood younger kids, etc... They can advertise on your neighborhood web sites, like NextDoor, or just pass out and post flyers. Lots of valuable lessons to be learned.
  • LovetogolfLovetogolf Registered User Posts: 3 New Member
    edited April 9
    Hello, new to posting!

    I have a S21 and S22. My S21 is not heading for the college route (heart set on military), but S22 is heading down the college road. I’m concerned because he’s very bright and tests very well, but doesn’t put a ton of effort into classes. He’s in 4 honors classes this year and cruising to Bs, it’s very frustrating. He’s starting to improve some, with some A-/B+ grades. He’s picked classes for next year, adding his first AP class (no AP at his HS till sophomore year, and only one then).

    Not sure what we’ll do if his grades don’t come up some, his unweighted GPA will be very poor. Anyone have any insight on low GPAuw, difficult classes, and high test scores?
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