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Parents of the HS Class of 2022


Replies to: Parents of the HS Class of 2022

  • MAandMEmomMAandMEmom 1725 replies10 threads Senior Member
    My DD is going to take Arabic. Her older sister (D20) is finishing Arabic II but at a different school. My S19 ran away as fast as he could away from Spanish II. He’s got some executing function challenges and speaking a foreign language would be difficult beyond that for him.
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  • momtogirls2momtogirls2 894 replies7 threads Member
    Hi. Just finding these part of the board so introducing myself. I have a d18 who just graduated and a d22 who is finishing up 8th grade. She is a bright kid who doesn't get excited about academics most of the time. However she begged to take a summer math class which is probably just for enrichment unless she aces it (not expecting). She will be taking math 2 this summer and if she passes with an A will start in math 3 honors otherwise will be in math 2 honors (equivalent but slightly different of math 1 = algebra 1, math 2 geometry math 3 algebra 2)

    She signed up for:

    math 2 H
    biology H
    ELA 9 H
    Spanish 1 H (she has had Spanish exploratory since k but no formal class)
    US History 1 H
    Gym/ intro to engineering

    There is no way to give up lunch here but study hall is only available for struggling students

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  • OrangeFishOrangeFish 777 replies20 threads Member
    Welcome, @momtogirls2 and congratulations to your graduate!
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  • ARIVERA1ARIVERA1 132 replies2 threads Junior Member
    edited June 2018
    Hello everyone. I have a son that just graduated, a rising senior, and my youngest son, my rising freshman.

    He is going to take:

    Pre-AP World History
    Pre-AP Language Arts 9
    Science 9 Accelerated: Applied Physics
    Algebra 2
    Marching & Concert band
    Spanish 2

    He is currently taking 2 sessions of PE over the summer.

    He is interested in many things...
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  • Peruna1998Peruna1998 128 replies4 threads Junior Member
    My son's high school is a full IB program, the first in the state of Tennessee. He will be taking:

    Math 9 HL (not a true HL course, but the school separates the students by level in preparation of HL/SL in 11-12)
    Biology HL (same as above)
    English 9
    American History
    Spanish II SL (same as above)
    Product Design

    He earned an "A" in Spanish I this year, but I am pleased he wasn't asked to be in the HL class. Languages aren't his thing (though they are for his sister).

    Over the summer, he is headed to UVA for an enrichment camp their (he will be learning about self-driving cars) and Auburn for a camp on drones/UAVs.
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  • NolaCARNolaCAR 260 replies1 threads Junior Member
    Hi everyone. I have a DS22 and a DD17. I didn’t find the parents forum for the class of 2017 until DD’s senior year, so I’m looking forward to being with all of you for all 4 years of DS’s high school. We are in the upper Midwest. DS attends a public high school which offers AP and dual credit (students are allowed to leave the HS and attend the nearby state U for up to 18 credits at no cost to the student per state law), but does not offer IB. Since we expect that, like our DD, DS22 will go to a private out-of-state school, many of which don’t accept AP and dual credit, we don’t really care how many AP/college credits he earns. We just want him to take HS courses that interest him. However, we would like to see him spend a semester away-either attending a semester school (which is what DD did), or studying abroad. So we are starting to have preliminary discussions with him about that. We are also trying to figure out whether to encourage him to go out for soccer. He played in a rec league for many years, but will be at a disadvantage compared to the kids who played in a more structured league, and he would have to miss karate which he has been doing since he was 4. It’s 3 nights a week. He will also continue playing trombone in band. His career interests are engineering and computer science. He is attending an engineering camp at a neighboring state’s flagship U in a week.
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  • InfoQuestMomInfoQuestMom 280 replies3 threads Junior Member
    Hi, I have DD14, brand new college graduate, then DD22. I can hardly believe we are starting all over again!

    My freshman is signed up for:
    Honors English
    Integrated Math II
    Honors Chemistry
    Marching and Concert Band
    Technical Theater

    She likes science, loves music and art.
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  • momtogirls2momtogirls2 894 replies7 threads Member
    We hit a minor high school scheduling glitch. The school decided to combine freshman engineering with freshman business to make a full year course meaning dd was scheduled for more classes than class periods. She has to drop the engineering and now is listed for ceramics 1 honors.

    Eighth grade graduation/moving on was Wednesday night. Since it is a k-8 school several kids have been together for 9 years. We were pleasantly surprised when dd received the math award. Yesterday was the last day of school - it ended at 11 but as kids moved up to the next years class 8th graders go to leave. My dd in a class of 48 kids. However we were told that there weren't enough kids to have a class with advanced math. She did prealgebra in regular math class and stayed after school once a week to do math 1. She asked to take math 2 honors this summer so she starts Monday. I have a feeling that it will be an enrichment class but if she aces it she does get credit and will start in math 3.

    I have a class of 2018 daughter as well. Our high school has AP, an option to do 1 dual enrollment class a semester on top of high school day (junior and senior year) or an early college program taking all dual enrollment at a college campus junior and senior year. DD opted for dual enrollment. Our high school is great for that in that you are still treated as a high school student able to participate in all extracurricular activities, guidance helps with college planning etc.

    It turns out that the college dd picked officially accepted all of dd's credits so she is officially classified as a college junior. However we know that some of the classes are just free electives etc. For now she will have options such as graduating in 3 years, doing a dual major, internship or coop, study abroad etc. If anyone has questions on dual enrollment I can try and help.
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  • mom2twogirlsmom2twogirls 2254 replies29 threads Senior Member
    D22’s report card came out today. She had a fantastic year, which included 3 high school classes that are a great kick off for the high school. She got a 100 on the French 1 final exam and a phone call from the teacher congratulating her. She ended French 1, Living Environment and Algebra 1 all with grades in the upper 90’s. Those won’t effect her college GPA, but since we are in NY, her regents exam scores will show on transcripts... 96 for LE and a 93 for Algebra 1. She was slightly disappointed in the Algebra 1 regents exam grade until she heard so many others in the 80’s and since she knew her over all grade was high and she really only needs a 90+ for the type of diploma she wants, she feels good about it now. I’m glad in a way that it wasn’t higher because it will keep her from getting too cocky about it.

    She’s got just a little bit of volunteering for the summer, a little English summer work, and lots of just enjoying the relaxation long break.
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  • sfSTEMsfSTEM 150 replies4 threads Junior Member
    @mom2twogirls Wow, that's awesome she got a phone call. Never heard of a teacher doing that. Very cool.
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  • Rivet2000Rivet2000 1195 replies3 threads Senior Member
    We're excited to see our D22 leaving today for a 3 week residential academic program. We wont know HS class schedule until early August, so keeping our fingers crossed she gets the classes she wanted. We do know she is in Honors Spanish 3-4.
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  • sfSTEMsfSTEM 150 replies4 threads Junior Member
  • Rivet2000Rivet2000 1195 replies3 threads Senior Member
    edited June 2018
    edited June 2018
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  • mjrube94mjrube94 407 replies15 threads Member
    S19 is going into senior year, so we're almost done with this college craziness! I have the following books on college admission that I no longer need, free to a good home. PM me and let me know if you are interested in any of them. Good luck with the next 4 years!

    A is for Admission by Michele A. Hernandez
    Admission Matters 2nd Edition by Springer, Reider, Franck
    The Gatekeepers by Jacques Steinberg
    The New Rules of College Admissions by Stephen Kramer and Michael London
    What Colleges Don't Tell You by Elizabeth Wissner-Gross
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  • MIF738MIF738 1 replies1 threads New Member
    I have been following this board for some time and this is my first post!
    My daughter will start 9th grade in Florida and I'm terrified how this defines her future. She finished middle school with 4 high school credits and has all honors classes for her core classes.
    She's still unsure what track she wants to go into but I think that normal at 14.
    I'm looking forward to learning a lot with a final good result!

    Let the craziness begin!
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  • Rivet2000Rivet2000 1195 replies3 threads Senior Member
    We learned quite a bit about the process with our son (will be junior in college this fall). So happy to provide opinions (as will many :D )
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  • vistajayvistajay 1515 replies27 threads Senior Member
    Welcome @MIF738 ! S22 is off to a coding camp at Rice. He has been very excited about it for over a year. His friends don't share his interest in coding and game design, so he is really looking forward to meeting some kids who share his passions.
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  • sfSTEMsfSTEM 150 replies4 threads Junior Member
    Just dropped my S22 off at Seattle University yesterday, for Johns Hopkins CTY program. He's doing 3 weeks of Fundamentals of Computer Science. It's not a coding camp per se. They look at algorithms, hardware and software. That being said, he'll be introduced to Python at the camp.
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  • Rivet2000Rivet2000 1195 replies3 threads Senior Member
    Looks like quite few summer programs. We dropped off our D22 last week for 3 weeks of biotechnology classes at Stanford Summer Institutes. We actually wanted her to try a different program, but she wanted to visit her bro.
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