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R-Day Countdown!

Cutter44Cutter44 Registered User Posts: 19 New Member
90 days from today, my fellow swabs and I, the Class of 2012, will be Reporting In!

Advice from the CGA web site:

The Top 10 - "Things I Would Have Done Differently on R-Day"
  1. I would have worn shoes I could run in.
  2. I would not have worn a shirt that said Superman.
  3. I would not have brought 6 suitcases…just more underwear.
  4. I would not have let my mom call me “pumpkin” in front of the 2/C.
  5. I would not have boasted about how many pushups I could do.
  6. I would have learned how to get "in step" faster.
  7. I would have shaved my mullet.
  8. I would have doubly reinforced my weak suitcase handle with more duct tape.
  9. I would have given my girlfriend her goodbye kiss before arriving to check in.
  10. I would have eaten a good meal and drank plenty of water before reporting.
Keep the countdown going - Any other ideas are greatly appreciated!
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Replies to: R-Day Countdown!

  • zachogdenzachogden Registered User Posts: 334 Member
    90 days already?


    Also, I laughed at that list... I plan on wearing as plain of clothes as possible.
  • Bossf51Bossf51 Registered User Posts: 2,611 Senior Member
    1. Who wore high heels to R-day; she was dubbed "Cadet Kelly" and by the end of the day was crying for her mom.

    2. Who thought the CGA would be a piece of cake...It's not "military" after all.

    3. Who spent three months memorizing "Running Lights" then on R-day couldn't recite the mission.

    4. Who wins the title "Biggest Tool Bag" on campus.

    5. Who thinks he/she knows it all coming in then can't put one foot in front of the other in drill.

    6. Who decided to report out of shape and DOR'd the second day.

    7. Who thinks his/her high school resume is going to mean anything once he/she enters the arches.

    8. Who fudged the color blindness test and gets kicked out on R-day when the real test is administered.

    9. Who can't swim a lick or is afraid to be on/near/ in the water. THIS IS THE COAST GUARD DAMMIT!

    10. Who has a thin skin and can't take a little yelling by the cadre.

    11. Who took a spot from some deserving kid because they think a)it's free b)it's cool or c)it's what my parents wanted.

    12. Who can't get away from Myspace, Facebook, AIM, ipods, or video games for more than five minutes.

    More to come...feel free to add.
  • Luigi59Luigi59 Registered User Posts: 1,155 Senior Member
    83 days until R-day.
  • haroldg48haroldg48 Registered User Posts: 104 Junior Member
    82 -- No crying in front of cadre!
  • hpflrenthpflrent Registered User Posts: 156 Junior Member
    I was talking to a friend whose son goes to another service academy, and I guess the cadet Kelly made up story is the same one told at every service academy just to make women feel unwelcome. I just hoped we as parents at the CGA would not want to offend anyone who received an appointment, because they have all worked so hard to get there on R-Day. It is unfortunate that these rumors are printed, especially since parents should be supporting ALL the cadets, and not adding to the rumor mill. The young incoming swab in front of us at R-Day (in line) had flip-flops on, but because all parents who know anything at all about R-Day, whether a swab reports in in flip flops or in a shoe with any heel at all, their clothes and shoes are changed within minutes of arriving, so it really does not matter at all. Also, I don't remember anything from my kid's R-Day packet that told him what to wear that day...because it does not matter at all. Most of the kids had on shorts and tennis shoes if I remember correctly.

    It is well known that men and women alike do not make it through R-Day, and many leave with tears. Again it is unfortunate that some parents feel the need to label and to print what may or may not have been an actual situation on a forum because it reflects very poorly not only on the poster (and their cadet?), as well as on the academy as a whole. I am the parent of a male cadet, but I would find it equally offensive whether I were the parent of a female or a male cadet. I hope we will not see this not-so-funny posting again.
  • Hardball0101Hardball0101 Registered User Posts: 84 Junior Member
    I highly doubt it was meant to offend anyone. It is a story that may not be true but just like anything else it is meant to put a little fear and apprehension into the incoming cadets. There's multiple "falsehoods" about men and women out their. Boss has been on these boards for an extremely long time and has many a cadet get their appointment. i know for a fact it was not meant to offend and will take it upon myself to apologize before it gets out of hand. However, i fully believe their has been men and women crying for their parents that first night away from home. trust me on that one
  • Bossf51Bossf51 Registered User Posts: 2,611 Senior Member
    Hmm let's see...Hardball thanks for having my back.

    The Cadet Kelly story is true...I was there.

    I have two daughters including one who came within an "eyelash" oops...a whisker...well anyway came very close to being in the Class of 2011...in fact her name is on the class tee-shirt...I have always been supportive of women at the Academy.

    My intent here was to inject a little humor along with many truisms.

    In the words of the immortal Sgt. Hulka, "Lighten up Frances."
  • haroldg48haroldg48 Registered User Posts: 104 Junior Member
    a) I might be wrong, but I don't think everyone on here is a parent; and
    b) I don't think offense or gender discrimination/intimidation was intended....just a lot of mostly nervous folks (parents and students) dying with anticipation.
  • Hardball0101Hardball0101 Registered User Posts: 84 Junior Member
    The honest truth about the matter is whether or not the story is true everyone needs the humor. Especially the cadets whose day to day lives are often far too serious.
  • JamzmomJamzmom Registered User Posts: 2,813 Senior Member
    There are none quite so comparable here on CC towards being as supportive as Boss is towards female and male cadets of USCGA. He’s helped many along the way throughout the three years he’s opted to share his council with who participate on this forum & meets along the way in person. It has been deeply appreciated by many, many folks.

    Its sad commentary that we live in a society dubbed “the land of the offended” where a simple joke meant to lighten the hearts & nervousness of many can cause an attack upon the character of a good decent, helpful person. As we all know, the military is full of lore and tradition, some of it truly funny with some bordering on the offensive. In no way was that list meant to be offensive and wasn’t seen as such by several folks.

    When the new batch of Swabs reading here arrive for that first day, I hope they can find a moment to look back & laugh (ONLY on the inside!) at a few items on the list. It may help to find a grin somewhere!

    Lighten up Francis! :D
  • haroldg48haroldg48 Registered User Posts: 104 Junior Member

    A sense of humor will carry one through many things in life!
  • zachogdenzachogden Registered User Posts: 334 Member
    81 - Make sure the food is actually at the table before loudly asking permission to bring it aboard. [I did the opposite at AIM one day]
  • bearbitbearbit Registered User Posts: 43 Junior Member
    Don't drop a plate of food on your cadre when serving (true story), I believe it was Spaghetti.

    I remember seeing a young lady showing up last year at R-day, dressed and acting as if she was going out on the town with Paris Hilton. Cadet Kelly? But I do know 74 out of 82 of the female cadets stuck it as of 04Apr08, way to go.
  • bearbitbearbit Registered User Posts: 43 Junior Member
    correction to above post/\/\/\

    I remember seeing a young lady showing up last year at R-day, dressed and acting as if she was going out on the town with Paris Hilton. Cadet Kelly? But I do know 74 out of 82 of the female cadets stuck it "out" as of 04Apr08, way to go.
  • hpflrenthpflrent Registered User Posts: 156 Junior Member
    I will respond that I should have PM'd Boss about the post and not used the public forum. I think it has just been bubbling up because I have seen that list on at least one other service academy forum, so I wrote it before I really thought enough about it.

    So, to Boss, I apologize for addressing your humor in such a public way. I was wrong to do that. As I said before, I should have express my feelings in a more personal manner to you. I have a lot of contact with the academy personally, and I feel a little protective of the image (probably over the top). And also, since you were obviously there, I will admit that it must be true. It is just so coincidental that it has been repeated at other SAs in almost the exact words, but of course then it was midshipman or cadet somewhere else.

    Now, my countdown to R-Day comment will have to be that when the parents leave the care package you are allowed to drop in the postal drop at the academy on R-Day, try to leave chocolate candy out of the box...we put some candy bars in there, not knowing that the boxes were going to be sitting in the 90-degree sun all day long. I think he must have laughed when he opened it and everything was covered in chocolate, so it is nice to know he laughed at least once during Swab Summer.
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