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Average SAT for ED (Superscore)?

bs_hopefulbs_hopeful 178 replies36 threads Junior Member
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What would you guys say is an average SAT for ED accepted applicants at Colby? I know that this information isn't exactly published, but I figured that someone may have a general idea...
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Replies to: Average SAT for ED (Superscore)?

  • lindsaylou13lindsaylou13 1 replies0 threads New Member
    To my knowledge it's not any different than the average SAT scores for the entire campus. 700 reading, 700 math, 710 writing.
    However, it's also important to remember that SAT scores aren't everything-- especially when you consider where a student comes from. Some schools cater to the SATs and teach to the test so it's not uncommon for students from those schools to have near perfect scores, but in regions with lower school averages, a score that's a bit lower than the Colby median may even be seen as more impressive simply by comparison. Getting a score in the 600 range isn't going to doom you; there are many other ways of proving that you're a strong applicant.
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  • PolarBearVsSharkPolarBearVsShark 588 replies11 threads Member
  • bs_hopefulbs_hopeful 178 replies36 threads Junior Member
    Wow, that's quite the in-depth report you dug up there. Good information.

    Currently, I have 710 CR, 700 W, 600 M. If I apply early, would those give me a somewhat decent shot? I'll retake the SAT one more time as well, so hopefully that will go up.
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  • TinternTintern 39 replies2 threads Junior Member
    The information is from the Common Data Set. It's really helpful information to use in your college search. Just Google "X" College and Common Data Set and for most schools, at least, you'll find the information easily. Some of the bigger schools and universities seem to make finding this information more difficult though (Georgetown comes to mind).
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  • GDMACKGDMACK 99 replies2 threads Junior Member
    It would seem to me that unless you have a serious hook (like being recruited to play a sport), applying ED will not get you in unless you can get the math score on your SAT way up above 600. Really, the 25th percentile is 630. I think you need to get it up a LOT closer 700, and getting it up above 710 (the 75th percentile) wouldn't hurt at all. Why would they take someone ED with a really low score on any part of the SAT if they could potentially fill that spot with someone with higher scores later in regular decision? I think ED is not a way to skate in with low scores, I think it is a way for someone with great scores to get in early compared to later when they are swimming with the sharks in Regular Decision and competing with a much bigger pool of strong applicants. Have you considered taking the ACT or the Math SAT II? My daughter did better on the math component of the SAT Subject test AND the ACT exam than she did on the math component of the regular SAT exam. She took the SAT exam twice and the best she scored was a 710, but she scored a 730 on the SAT Math Level II subject test, and a perfect 36 out of 36 on the Math portion of the ACT. I think you should try something different to demonstrate a strong math background before applying ED, even if it is retaking the SAT again. If you can't get your scores up with the SAT exam, do a subject test or an ACT exam.
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