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Should I Transfer?

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I am currently a Freshman at UMass Amherst and I love everything about it here...except that it seems almost too normal if that makes any sense? I am only 2 hours away from home (granted, that is still a good chunk of time), but I feel like I want to broaden my horizons, or go to a school that is out of state.

I am also a part of this website, where they basically help students in a recruitment process for playing sports (football and possibly lacrosse) in college. Now, I like to consider myself to be a pretty good athlete but, realistically, there is no way I could play for a division I school even when the team kind of sucks (the football team really does suck). I have multiple schools lined up on this recruitment website where I could play football.

There are multiple schools, Colby College is the main one, that if I got in, I would have a good chance at playing on the team. My question is would it be worth it to go through the college application process again to attempt to transfer from UMass Amherst to a school such as Colby, or another Division III school?

If you all think it would be a good idea to transfer, what do you think my odds are of getting into a school like Colby? I am expecting grades no lower than a B in Biology and Chemistry and an A in calculus and a general education course.
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