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Being a non-athlete or more ~aRtSy~ at Colby?

lovetheprocesslovetheprocess 10 replies5 threads Junior Member
I am of course thrilled to have been accepted to the Colby Class of 2023 considering how selective it has become, but I have a few questions about the vibe. From what I know about the school, it tends to have a ton of student-athletes and is stereotyped as super preppy. As I am a white girl from a private school outside of Boston, I am no stranger to this type and I'm sure I could handle it. I love hiking and the outdoors so I think in that sense I would fit in as well. However, I am also gay and interested in theater/film/art as well as activism. I thought Bates was more my scene because the kids seemed a bit "quirkier," but unfortunately I was waitlisted. I'm wondering if any current students or recently accepted students have any insight on the vibe...do slightly artsier, less "basic" kids find their place at Colby? Thank you!!
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Replies to: Being a non-athlete or more ~aRtSy~ at Colby?

  • apstudent2019apstudent2019 14 replies2 threads Junior Member
    Hi! I am not a current student, but I have siblings who went to Colby. They have a rly celebrated pride week which I’m rly looking forward to :) and they definitely have a quirky side. My sister was an art history major and the art program was amazing and the museum was such a good experience for her, too. The Mary low coffee house is deff artsy. I just had a conversation last night about how Colby is getting artsier and outdoorsier with my brother (‘13). Hope this helps! Go to accepted students weekend if you can and it will give you a better feel of the campus :)
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  • lovetheprocesslovetheprocess 10 replies5 threads Junior Member
    edited March 2019
    @apstudent2019 Thank you...that is super helpful to know and def reassuring. Artsier + outdoorsier is def the direction I am looking for :) Hope to maybe meet you next year!
    edited March 2019
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  • gardenstategalgardenstategal 6711 replies10 threads Senior Member
    @lovetheprocess , I suspect you will find your tribe at Colby (and that it is not a small one.) They have some really amazing things going on in the arts and truly enviable outdoorsy opportunities. I also get the sense that the social scene is very fluid, meaning that people connect over their interests and that a multi-faceted individual will have a lot of friends from different activities.

    Fully concur that you should go to the admitted student event and assess the vibe yourself. Congratulations on the opportunity!
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  • parentgeorgiaparentgeorgia 111 replies0 threads Junior Member
    @lovetheprocess. In agreement with colleagues as above. S thrilled to be entering class of 2023 has visited twice and got a more sensitive feel for the vibe of Colby as not populated with a "ton of student athletes". Spent sig amount of time there and did not find that to be true at all. He describes vibe as "inclusive, accommodating and mixed". In walking the campus over 3 days, he found everyone friendly and kind as he met groups of student/athletes and artsy/environmentalists.

    " There is room for everyone,"

    No doubt if you seriously research this terrifically beautiful place you will also find that the art/music/performance scene is becoming more substantial and noteworthy. You will also learn that they will begin construction of a new Performing Arts center near to the Pres home and Mary Low this fall...and that is besides their world class Art Museum..
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  • EdParkEdPark 24 replies1 threads Junior Member
    For all the theater kids out there, the One Week Musical in Sept is High School Musical, so you may want to practice your dribbling over the summer.

    On a more serious note: my chief (only?) complaint with Colby is the sparsity of funds and venues for student run theater. (then again, I get the impression that many student clubs have extremely little funding: when club water polo played at a tourney at UVM, they camped out on Lake Champlain with gear they borrowed from COC)

    Most P&W productions are staged on the tile floor of Page Common with NO flats or backdrops, and very minimal furniture/costumes/props. Basically, it's whatever they can scrounge up from around campus or borrow from the theater dept. or purchase out of pocket. One P&W prod this year was stage in their rather small black box in Runnals' basement, and last year one was staged in a classroom/small lecture hall. I get it, Colby isn't really a theater or performance school, so I don't expect huge productions, but P&W puts on of great peformances with nothing tangible to work with.

    On the other hand, my son has also been in a few full blown theater dept productions (2 free non-graded credits for each), and those have had glorious sets in Strider.
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  • parentgeorgiaparentgeorgia 111 replies0 threads Junior Member
    @EdPark...Agreed...We have attended 2 performances at Strider and enjoyed them. Impressive talent, stage presence and expressive art as the performers and stage/production crew were very passionate about their art.
    "The Moors" was recently staged and ...V Good !
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