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Chance Me For Colby College ED

fenway1fenway1 36 replies10 threads Junior Member
Hi everyone hope all is well. I am still making my college list so nothing is for sure. However I really do like Colby College but I want to know if I even have a chance as my stats are below average for Colby.

Background: I am a male from Massachusetts. I go to a very rigorous public high school, #4 best public school in the state.

Stats: 3.33 UW, roughly 4.0 W GPA. 1240 SAT. I’ve taken a good amount of honors and AP classes. Some of these classes include honors global history, honors US history, honors English, honors Biology, and APUSH. My senior year courses are AP Gov, AP Psychology, Honors Film Studies, honors Marine Biology, French 5 and Advanced Pre Calculus.
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Replies to: Chance Me For Colby College ED

  • fenway1fenway1 36 replies10 threads Junior Member
    Sorry I by accidentally pressed submit.

    - class president
    - Organizer of the annual Childhood Cancer Awareness day at Fenway park with my family. Partner with Dana Farber to honor children going through cancer. We help them become ball boy/ ball girl, we get a national anthem singer, and a first pitch thrower.
    - secretary of the investment club at my school
    - DECA
    Aspirations in Medicine Club
    - Head coach of two middle school basketball teams
    - JV baseball and Varsity Golf
    - Job at local golf course
    - BBYO member

    - honor roll student
    - Baseball award of excellence for my school
    - golf award of excellence for my school
    - Ed Rooney sportsmanship award recipient

    Other info:
    I have two great recs from my APUSH teacher and my French teacher. I want to go into either biology or pre-law/ government. Is it better to go ED1 or ED2? Do I have a chance at Colby?
    Oh and I would want to play golf at Colby- most likely walk on as it is two late to be recruited
    Thanks everyone for reading this
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  • fenway1fenway1 36 replies10 threads Junior Member
    I left out some other EC: I was accepted to a rigorous Harvard medical school program last summer which was really cool, I am a member of the New England PGA junior tour (ranked 35), and I played baseball for the Jewish olympics.
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  • fenway1fenway1 36 replies10 threads Junior Member
    Oh sorry and I forgot to mention that I have a huge upward trend. Freshman grades don’t count at my school but sophomore year 3.2, junior year 3.5 with 3 honors, and currently I am doing amazing senior year with a 3.95.
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  • DadTwoGirlsDadTwoGirls 6144 replies1 threads Senior Member
    "Partner with Dana Farber"
    "Aspirations in Medicine Club"

    Is premed a serious possibility?

    "...or pre-law..."

    Is law school another likely possibility?

    If you are seriously considering either medical school or law school (or both), then you are going to need to budget for 7 or 8 years of university. The first four years need to be at an affordable school where you can get a very high GPA. If you pull off a college GPA of "3.33 UW", then your chances at ever going to either any medical school or a top law school are not very good. Similarly, if you use up all of your college money in the first four years, then you are likely to run up a LOT of debt before you finish with either an MD or a law degree.

    This leads to the next question: Have you run the NPC on Colby? Can you afford it with no debt at all?

    Your SAT is very low for Colby. Your unweighted GPA is very low for Colby. Your chances are therefore low, even ED. If you do get in, then you will be competing with students nearly all of whom are coming into Colby with higher GPAs and higher SAT scores. Getting a "medical school or law school worthy" GPA will be tough.

    Sorry, but I am not very positive about your chances.
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  • Mwfan1921Mwfan1921 3849 replies70 threads Senior Member
    edited September 2019
    Are you being recruited for golf.....at Colby or other schools?

    Colby's acceptance rate for class of 2023 was 9.6% and median SAT was 1460, so I expect your SAT is well below the 25%ile (although Colby is TO). http://www.colby.edu/news/2019/05/09/class-of-2023-sets-new-records/

    UW GPA is also low for such a selective school. Unless you have a hook such as athletic recruit, URM, legacy or large $ donor, it may be best to direct your one ED app elsewhere. If you do choose to apply to Colby, I would not submit your SAT score.

    Good luck.
    edited September 2019
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  • gardenstategalgardenstategal 6441 replies10 threads Senior Member
    Add me to the "this will be tough" group.

    You can choose not to submit your scores - which is probably the right choice -- but you have not told us anything that would then make you an overwhelmingly great candidate.

    And unfortunately for you, Colby is one of the few LACs that is harder for males to get into than females.

    And it is a popular school for kids from MA.

    It would be tough in any case, but you are in a particularly competitive bucket.
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  • fenway1fenway1 36 replies10 threads Junior Member
    I’m not applying, by the way. I was just curious but thank you guys for the feedback I do agree with you.
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