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Will applying for financial aid affect my chance of acceptance?

Siena19Siena19 144 replies13 threadsRegistered User Junior Member
I applied for colgate and noted that I was applying for financial aid as my family absolutely cannot afford Colgate without it. My test grades and gpa are above average for Colgate, but I'm worried that Colgate will reject me due to my financial situation. Most of the kids I've seen admitted so far didn't apply for financial aid. Any info to ease my anxiety about the results would be great. Thanks!
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Replies to: Will applying for financial aid affect my chance of acceptance?

  • markhammarkham 774 replies9 threadsRegistered User Member
    As you have seen on the website, Colgate receives many applications with a financial aid component:


    Rest assured that Colgate strives to attract the most talented and promising students for a well-rounded entering class, irrespective of the applicants' relative financial means. Test grades and gpa are one component of the application as are the strength of your high school's reputation, your recommendations, your essays and your personal and particular interests, as you would document them.

    Best of luck with delivering up a successful application!

    Go 'gate!
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  • locococomamalocococomama 61 replies1 threadsRegistered User Junior Member
    @siena19 40% of Colgate students get financial aid, so you are in good company. My understanding is that they are "need aware" instead of "need blind," but that obviously does not stop them from bringing in great candidates that need help. I forget the exact number, but the average financial aid is around $50k/year, which is quite generous, so they are clearly not hesitant to pay a big tab for great students. Hang in there. This time of year is awful for Seniors. Let your application speak for itself. If it is truly strong and above he Colgate averages, I would not worry about the financial aid part getting in the way.
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  • Siena19Siena19 144 replies13 threadsRegistered User Junior Member
    Thank you both so much. The waiting has made me a little crazy but luckily it shouldn't be too much longer!
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