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What will Colgate be for me?

VisiraleVisirale 622 replies82 threads Member
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As in, will it be a safety, match, or dare I think, a reach?

I'm a sophomore now...

But I'll have a 4.67 upon graduation (I've got it planned out...)
I took my last SAT as a freshman, got a 1330. I expect to have it in the 2250-2400 range before application time in a year and a half...

Full IB Diploma

AP World History, AP Music Theory, AP English Language, AP English Literature, AP US History, AP Calc, AP Spanish, AP Physics (Dunno whether it will be AB or BC).. Might be forgetting some.

Marching band Fresh-Junior
Pit Section Leader Sophomore and Junior year
JV Soccer Sophomore, Probably Junior
Varsity Soccer Senior
JV Lacrosse Sophomore
Varsity Lacrosse Junior and Senior
Sophomore class council
Junior '' ''
Senior '' ''
Varsity Football Senior year

I really like what I've seen about Colgate. The initial obsession with Yale and Princeton is wearing off, and I'm becoming more and more attracted to the smaller schools.

I am probably going to major in philosophy. I've tried to talk myself out of it, but what the heck. I really enjoy it, and it can go to a lot of different places...

Thanks for your input, It's appreciated very much.

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Replies to: What will Colgate be for me?

  • kimmibee16kimmibee16 222 replies10 threads Junior Member
    how about u calm down and just enjoy high school?
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  • VisiraleVisirale 622 replies82 threads Member
    Oh trust me, I love it. I'm in the perfect mode of doing the least amount of work possible to get an A... It's stress free and great. I'm just excited about college...

    Thanks for the concern though... I'm not some super stressed out math competitor or something... I'm the smart laid back slighlty jockish guy :P
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  • collegeboundjencollegeboundjen 381 replies53 threads Member
    I'd be surprised if you didn't get in.
    I got in with a 30 ACT, ~4.1 gpa, 9 AP/honors classes. Plus, those places love lacrosse. Good luck!
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  • Colgate13Colgate13 132 replies4 threads Junior Member
    Its been getting a lot harder to get in each year now. You are too young for us to give you a realistic estimation because no one knows how hard it will be to get in 2 years from now. Come back in a year and you should be able to get a realistic response.
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  • curtisnycurtisny 185 replies14 threads Junior Member
    "I expect to have it in the 2250-2400 range before application time in a year and a half..."

    This amuses me.
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  • arp6487arp6487 436 replies6 threads Member
    curtisny, are you going to colgate?
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