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Is Junior Year Too Late?

InGroverWeTrustInGroverWeTrust 4 replies3 threads New Member
edited October 2010 in College Admissions
I'm beginning my junior year of high school and I've more recently become very concerned with my college application and transcript. My grades were good (never gotten a C) and I've been president of my class for 2 years and have a few EC's. But this year I have become much more serious, taking three honors classes since I haven't taken any the first two years which i regret because I could've done well in them because I'm doing great in them now. This year I am also picking up many more EC's and volunteer hours and plan to just increase that until the end of senior year, which I plan to take even more honors my senior year.

But I've been worrying, is it already too late? I have become almost obsessed with getting into a very good college and I am worried that I'm too late and I'm already screwed. Am I right or is this kind of the prime time where most of this stuff happens? Anything you guys say will be appreciated, thank you! :)
edited October 2010
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Replies to: Is Junior Year Too Late?

  • rebeccarrebeccar 2141 replies39 threads Senior Member
    It's definitely not too late. Upward trends are very important. It might depend on what you mean by 'very good college', though... Harvard is probably out of the question but it's not like you're destined for some horrible 91% admissions rate party school. Just continue to show a lot of effort/improvement and you'll be fine.
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  • James1GJames1G 249 replies12 threads Junior Member
    Apparently upward grade trend is important. You probably need to take a few AP's and ALL honors classes before you apply

    I'm kind of in the same boat as you, except I took honors & AP previously, but I had a mediocre GPA

    Now i'm working hard to show that I have the potential etc.

    But to answer your question - it isn't to late, but you need to take hard classes and work extremely hard

    EDIT: What colleges are you going to apply to?
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  • aspire2011aspire2011 494 replies11 threads Junior Member
    Like the other posters have said, an upward trend is essential. So long as your scores were solid in the non-honors classes, you shouldn't be at too much of a disadvantage in the admissions process. Keep challenging yourself with more rigorous courses, and [obviously] strive for maintaining the solid grades. Would you consider AP next year?
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  • InGroverWeTrustInGroverWeTrust 4 replies3 threads New Member
    Well I misspoke, two of the honors are AP and I'm going well in all my classes, I have done well in all my classes in high school, and next year I plan to take even more or even all honors/AP classes to push myself more. And to answer the college question, I really want to go to NYU, BU, or Columbia (that's like my major push) but I'm also going to apply to UCONN, Connecticut College, and a few others.
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  • AdenineAdenine 248 replies12 threads Junior Member
    It depends on how many Honors classes your school has. If you'll be taking a good variety of them and do well in them, then that's important. A lot of students don't start taking upper level classes until junior year.
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  • theRADtomato47theRADtomato47 1199 replies90 threads Senior Member
    No, its not too late. Try and take some honors/AP classes this year. Your chances for top schools are slim-to-none but you still can get into some good colleges. Be active your junior year, keep up good grades, and nail the SAT/ACT when it comes around. Good luck. :)
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  • glassesarechicglassesarechic 5471 replies16 threads Senior Member
    Joining a boatload of ECs junior year can come off as resume-padding. My recommendation would be to start one major project (a local fundraiser, the launch of a county-wide literary magazine--whatever you can think up) rather than join a bunch of clubs. Anyone can be a member of a club; few people have the initiative to pull off a big project. And projects have the added benefit of not looking like resume-padding, since they're one-time things.
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  • InGroverWeTrustInGroverWeTrust 4 replies3 threads New Member
    Well here are a few things about me and my high school career:

    Freshman year I figured out I had a severe case of scoliosis and had to be taken out of school for nearly 3 months to get a major surgery and recover. Although my grades dropped a few points and I recovered, I still maintained honor roll, which I think would be a good point to talk about in essays. I took no honors but all level 1 (the step below honors for our school) and did well in them, A's and B's.

    Sophomore year I wanted a normal year and took the same level classes, but got higher grades and high honors for half of the year.

    Right now I am in 3 honors classes (Latin, US History, and English) and 2 of those are AP. I am hoping to get A's in those and I am confident I can, as I am adjusting well.

    My GPA is 3.73 unweighted I think and I'm in the top quarter of of my class, but I may be able to bump it up to top ten percent.

    I have been president of my class for two years, which I enjoy and it does take a lot of participation at times. I am also a member of the Leo's club, which is a community service club, since last year. This year I joined the Model UN club and plan on joining the Mock Trial team when the season comes around. I was considering Drama as well. I play Rec basketball in the winter and will play tennis this spring for the school. In my off time I am a black belt and I play guitar. I have been told that I am well versed in my writing and speaking so I feel my college essays and interviews may be strong point.

    My volunteer hours are skimpy at best, but I am tutoring in English and history later this year and will participate more in the Leo's club, as well as possibly beginning to volunteer with my Buddhist center.
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  • glidoglido 5987 replies25 threads Senior Member
    Sounds as though you have several good options for strong essays. Junior year is not too late. You will find the school that is right for you.
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  • shortstop5shortstop5 28 replies5 threads Junior Member
    At least you're realized all this junior year and not senior year. Its definitely not too late. Keep working hard, keep your grades up and keep volunteering. Like glassesarechic said, maybe you could find one big project to start/create instead of joing a bunch of clubs junior year (which could look like resume padding). Don't be afraid to do a bunch of different kinds of volunteering, but I would suggest finding one thing you are really passionate about and putting most of your time into that. Good luck! I'm sure you'll be fine!
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