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Scholarship For White Males Only

UVAorBustUVAorBust Registered User Posts: 2,504 Senior Member
edited March 2011 in College Admissions
Texas Group Offers Scholarship for White Students Only - BV on Money

I found this article very, very interesting. One thing I'm very confused about, is why the creator of the scholarship is getting "push back" from brown and black students. There are a PLETHORA of scholarships restricted to only minority groups. Why is it unfair that a scholarship can only be dedicated to white males if one can be dedicated to only black or brown males?

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Replies to: Scholarship For White Males Only

  • llaupyllaupy Registered User Posts: 85 Junior Member
    I guess the reason why this is causing controversy is that:

    Whites, stereotypically, did not go through hardship. Their ancestors didn't have it rough.
    Brown/black students, stereotypically, went through hardship. Their ancestors had a tough time.

    With that being said, brown/black students (the ones mentioned, I'm not saying all) are annoyed by this because it's seemingly "unfair" to create something for whites only.

    Personally? In a perfect world, they should offer scholarships to EVERYONE. Yeah, yeah, it opens up for a plethora of new applicants, but I think affirmative action (in the college acceptance/scholarship sense) should end. Has anyone noticed that white people are a minority in MANY major universities?

    I understand wanting to diversify a student body, but the process of affirmative action should be put to rest. It was initially brought up because most minorities were turned down due to racism. This is barely the case, now.

    Colleges and scholarships should continue their process to DIVERSIFY and stop trying to tally up how many black/brown students that they can get!

    As for this scholarship idea... it's a little odd. There's a TON of scholarships for brown/black students and a TON of scholarships for white students. Yes, a TON. Just because the scholarship doesn't say "this is for the white students!" doesn't mean that white students can't apply.
  • qdogpaqdogpa - Posts: 2,417 Member
    I agree,what's the big deal...as noted above,there are plenty of scholarships focused on hispanics,african-americans,etc...
  • UVAorBustUVAorBust Registered User Posts: 2,504 Senior Member
    This world is so screwed up. Has anyone ever seen the movie 8 Mile? I think that represents a hardship....
  • smwhtslghtlydzedsmwhtslghtlydzed Registered User Posts: 1,556 Senior Member
    ^^^what major universities have whites as a minority? maybe at some schools the asians outnumber whites, and obviously whites are minorities are HBUs, but whites still tend to make up 60-80% of a university class, so i'd like to know where you're getting your facts...

    also, turning down students due to racism "is barely the case now" because of affirmative action. i'd accept an argument that the system of affirmative action needs to change, but when only 51% of blacks even graduate from high school, that shows that affirmative action is very necessary for attempting to even out the playing field.

    at the OP, in a way there's nothing wrong with it because there are scholarships dedicated to every race; the problem is that historically many things have been open to whites only, so having a scholarship like that brings back images from a past that we're really trying to move on from.
  • UVAorBustUVAorBust Registered User Posts: 2,504 Senior Member
    I can't really understand the last part of your post smw. Are you saying there is something wrong with an all white scholarship or there isn't? I agree that by offering segregated scholarships, we are bringing back the past, which we should definitely not be doing. I think that it is fair for every race to have it's own scholarships as long as they are evenly distributed.
  • smwhtslghtlydzedsmwhtslghtlydzed Registered User Posts: 1,556 Senior Member
    i'm saying that they aren't inherently a bad idea on their own, but that it's understandable that people are against them because they kind of bring back unfortunate memories.
  • UVAorBustUVAorBust Registered User Posts: 2,504 Senior Member
    That is a good point. However, I have to say, if you can dish it you should be able to take it. I do not see white people complaining about scholarships restricted to minorities only. So why should minorities complain about scholarships restricted to whites only? I really think that affirmative action should be based on income. I would say my family is well off, and I definitely think scholarships should only be given to kids who need them regardless of skin color. A white family who receives 40k a year is the same as an African American family or Hispanic family. People who make under a certain amount each year (who do not indulge on useless items such as the newest cell phone or expensive car) should be receiving some sort of scholarships.
  • T26E4T26E4 Registered User Posts: 24,274 Senior Member
    "I do not see white people complaining about scholarships restricted to minorities only" You don't? A little disingenuous here no?

    C'mon UVA. You yourself have griped about the low performing minorities in your own HS who got into some competitive programs.

    People would question the scholarship just because of the kinda response you're displaying right here.

    I think post #7 hits the nail square on the head. The subtleties of race relations in this country are totally being overlooked by you, UVA. The idea of, let's say, a Polish or Irish or Albanian cultural organizations sponsoring a scholarship for a member of their community isn't hard to fathom. Someone makes a "whites only" scholarship and you fail to acknowledge its reminders to Jim Crow -- and then you blithely ask why someone could object to it ... well, there you go. If you can't understand it, you're really not in this conversation, are you?

    Admit it: the reason you even posted this "whites only" scholarship was to find a reason to declare your feelings of how "unfair" it would be for minorities to find any trouble with it.
  • katliamomkatliamom Registered User Posts: 12,459 Senior Member
    this guy will give UVA a bad name...
  • bzva74bzva74 - Posts: 427 Member
    That doesn't make sense. AA isn't meant to bridge socioeconomic boundaries. It's meant to bridge racial boundaries. As of now hs graduation rate for latinos and black is 62% and 64% respectively. For whites and asians it's 81% and 91%, respectively. College is worse, about 42% for URMs vs 68% for non-minorities+ORMs. More black men are in prison than in college.
    This is a social problem with racial roots.

    Having huge racial disparities in fields like education and employment only polarize us and accentuate racial tensions and political cleavages. Yes, AA sucks for me because I am a white guy. But is the social benefit worth the butthurt, whiny suburban kids who feel like they got cheated? Absolutely.
  • bzva74bzva74 - Posts: 427 Member
    In my community there is a scholarship for Jew kids. It's a cultural thing. Yes, black/latino/jew/mormon is a cultural thing.
    White isn't.
  • llaupyllaupy Registered User Posts: 85 Junior Member
    @smw, affirmative action DID indeed stop the racism in the beginning but I do not at all believe that admissions offices are still forced to NOT be racist due to the continuance of affirmative action. I am all for colleges admitting certain students in order to diversify their student body.
  • UVAorBustUVAorBust Registered User Posts: 2,504 Senior Member
    katliamom, is that really necessary? Rather immature if you ask me. T26E4, the Jim Crow laws is exactly what I'm talking about. I feel by having scholarships restricted to one race, no matter what race it is - white, black, brown, yellow - is harking back on the discrimination the US has worked so hard to eliminate. I think that scholarships restricted to one race is, well, racism. I know that by making a scholarship for only whites, the community is reminded by Jim Crow laws, but any scholarship dedicated to once race is discrimination.

    Do you really feel that students are discriminated by race now a days? I think it is economical, not racial. I still believe scholarships should be offered to certain financial groups. It is true that a larger percent of the brown and black communities fall into a lower income bracket than the white community, which in fact depletes the discrimination against one race or another and opens up a scholarship to all who need it. I just feel bad that there are so many scholarships limited to a certain race. I know some white people who live in, well, horrible conditions.

    I definitely think affirmative action should be kept as well. However, it should have some boundaries. I got a prep school and I have a great deal of Hispanic and black friends who are from well to do families. However, they still receive the "hook" due to their skin color. Please correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't affirmative action meant to help minorities from a lower income bracket? If someone is from a lower income bracket I 100% agree that affirmative action should help them. They face a great deal of challenges and set backs that a student from a higher bracket would not face.
  • BillyMcBillyMc . Posts: 7,753 Senior Member
    "Whites" did not undergo oppression, and so such things are seen as in bad taste. However, most do not object to "Italian American," "Irish American," "German American," or other ethnic white group scholarships provided by such organizations, given those groups' histories of oppression.

    Personally, I don't think racial requirements are good, but there are differences. Poor-rich divisions are more appropriate, anyway.
  • UVAorBustUVAorBust Registered User Posts: 2,504 Senior Member
    T26E4, you are making an assumption. You're saying that by creating a scholarship that reminds people of the Jim Crow laws, it should not be allowed. However, isn't creating a scholarship solely for the benefit of one race discrimination? It is the past. If we do not get over the past, no matter how horrible and unfair it was, what will our future look like? The way you're putting it, it is alright for whites to be discriminated against because they were once the ones who did the discriminating. Is that what you're saying? I know that the Jim Crow Laws can not even be compared to a scholarship promoting discrimination, but aren't they using the same principals? I definitely feel that any kind of discrimination is unfair. If scholarships were based solely on economic brackets, the race issue would be nonexistent.

    And now that I think of it, Katliamom, you're supposed to be a mom. Did making that scathing comment really make you feel good? I'm not trying to be disrespectful, but I'm trying to make a point and that was very immature.
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