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Chances & Questions..

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For the University of Kentucky, that is : )
I heard from UK in January and a decision on my application has not been made. I called my admissions officer in January, and she said the best thing to do was take the SAT/ACT and score higher.. she was also waiting on one more recommendation letter from a teacher of mine. She told me that if I didn't take the test, and only took the recommendation into consideration, then it was most likely I wouldn't be accepted (this is what it sounded like). So, since UK is my number one school, I took the ACT again. I scored higher.

My Stats:
North Carolina
School description: All girls boarding school, one out of the top 50 in the U.S.
GPA- 2.43
SAT- C: 1420, M: 490, R & W: 470. M+CR= 950 (took this in November, previous SAT was a 1170 0____o)
1st ACT- C: 19, M: 16, E: 22, R: 19, S: 20, E & W: 23
2nd ACT- C: 23, M: 20, E: 20, R: 28, S: 24, E & W: 21. Superscore: 24

When I applied, I signed up for Equine Business/Science, which is what I want to do.

So I was wondering, UK's range of ACT's is a 22-27, with 25.2 being the average. Since I have a 23, and a 24 superscored, which is only one point under the average, do you think I have a greater chance at being accepted (Plus, the extra recommendation)? I know this score is not that great, seeing how everyone freaks out over a 26, 27, or 28. But, when looking at the conversion chart, my SAT is basically a 1620-1680 (can't find the exact #s, I have looked at a ton of conversion charts).

Also, my admissions officer at UK and I have been talking over email- just mostly about questions. I told her that (these are not the exact words, but along the lines of): "Getting a sufficient score on this ACT means a lot to me, and I have studied/practiced a ton. If I am accepted I can guarantee you one-hundred percent that I will be attending. I have been a fan of UK my entire life, and I hope to bleed a lot/a ton of blue in the fall".
So I was also wondering, since I told my admissions officer this, will she take it into consideration? I know she might get a lot of emails like this (maybe?), but the Headmaster and college counselor at my school told me to tell her this. They told me this would be good to do because UK will definitely know that I am interested (I mean, if I get in I AM DEFINITELY GOING- no lie there) and so the college knows I will not be wishy washy with my decision of attending UK.

Sorry this is so long : )
P.S.- Please no rude comments, I have been accepted into a well-known college already, so please do not tell me that community college is the answer.

Thanks : )
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  • svoss1992svoss1992 31 replies12 threads Junior Member
    Wasn't my choice. My dad works there, we get tuition for free. Don't assume.

    PS- I do not know if you have ever been in a boarding school, but a school that is that high in standards, it's hard. I admit that I never was ready for that type of school, however, making a C at my school is like making an A- in a public school. Plus, the GPA conversion for our school is weird, it doesn't make sense. Also, i'm a late bloomer. I should've mentioned that. This year I am making practically A's and B's, where as the sophomore and freshman year I did enough to get by.. (plus having a psuedo-tumor freshman year was not a good start to high school). Junior year I worked my butt off, but looking at my transcript, it doesn't look like.

    Again, don't just "assume" that. That's really rude and taking it out of perspective. You do not know what has gone on in my life during my high school years.
    PS- That 2.43 GPA and prestigious school got me into college. And it will also make my college experience A LOT easier.
    ; )
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  • svoss1992svoss1992 31 replies12 threads Junior Member
    Also, I forgot to add Extra-Curriculars
    Horseback Riding
    Habitat For Humanity
    Cultural Awareness Club
    Volunteer at Forsyth Humane Society
    Spanish Club
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  • svoss1992svoss1992 31 replies12 threads Junior Member
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  • svoss1992svoss1992 31 replies12 threads Junior Member
  • IvyMedIvyMed 3 replies1 threads New Member
    I have sort of a similar question...what are my chances of getting into a good college? I went to a top IB school and made straight A's for 9th and 10th grade and now I go to NCSSM (high ranking boarding school in NC with hard application process). I am in difficult classes and involved in research in Computational Science, have strong leadership positions, many ECs/honors (AMC/AIME). My SAT is 2250 but I will take it again to improve it, and my PSAT was 225. The only thing that worries me is my grades. We have trimesters so we get more grades than normal high school and I have all As (after two trimesters-9 classes) except 2 Bs and a C. I can get all As next trimester and fall of Senior year (planning on overloading) but how badly will those 3 grades affect my chances? I want to go to a good school and study pre-med but I'm very stressed out about my grades. What do you all think?
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  • svoss1992svoss1992 31 replies12 threads Junior Member
    I do not know how to edit the first post.. but also, the committee will not only see my ACT scores, but also my updated GPA (GPA in first post is the GPA updated), and my recommendation letter from another one of my teachers (sent in a total of 3 recs, 2 from teachers and 1 from college counselor).
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  • svoss1992svoss1992 31 replies12 threads Junior Member
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