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First post! Cliche but...How are my chances?

krabbypattykrabbypatty 2 replies1 threads New Member
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Sooooo its my first post....hey guys!

I'm currently a junior in high school right now, and i'm having trouble deciding which college i want to apply for early decision (and if i fail...) which ones i should apply for regular.
I have a 3.7 gpa, weighted...i didnt do so well junior year...:(
i stand somewhere as number 50 among a class of 270
SAT 2240
-Math: 800
-Writing: 700*
-Critical reading: 740

*Writing is actually my best section but when i received my score, i realized i got 8 wrong in a row...so i basically mis-bubbled on the sheet...SMH and i got a 12 on the essay
Im not sure if i'll take it again but definitely need some opinions

-Math 2c: 800
-US History: 800

All my classes have been either Honors or AP, but mostly AP (World History, US History, Language and Composition, Chemistry, Biology, Psychology)

I have two older siblings who attended Cornell University so they're telling me Cornell is my best bet, especially because Cornell doesnt look at your writing score. They also prioritize test scores and essay over class rank and GPA (on College board website lol)

-President of Asian club (yes really) ,aka TaeKwonDo club for 3 years *will be 3 years my senior year
-President of Sophomore class
-Student council representative 2 years
-Newspaper Editor for one section, 2 years

Outside of school:
-Babysitting/tutoring all 4 years of HS
-Job for 2 years, working to help pay for utilities at home, financial problems...
-Volunteer work totals to about 200 hours or more
-Kindergarten teacher at church
-Kickboxing/TKD since i was little (dont know if it even counts lol)

* I also started something this year about spreading the word about health insurance, and what kind of options are available to low-income families. Started after a dear friend passed away from a RAAARE form of Leukemia within two weeks of finding out. She never received a blood test in her life because she didn't hve any type of insurance
So its not an organization per se, but i've met with representatives from different medical clinics and insurance companies, so i guess this is pretty neat to add right? *

sorry its a lot to read...

I'm interested in Brown University, Darthmouth, Cornell, and as for my highER-reaches, Princeton (why not right? haha), Columbia and U Penn...

So how do you think my chances are at any of these schools? I've been using sites like MyChances, College Data, and Cappex...but it really isn't accurate ...at all considering all three websites have different percentages for the same colleges...What they factor in is just too different from each other.

THANKS GUYS<3 i know this was a lot...sorry!
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Replies to: First post! Cliche but...How are my chances?

  • qialahqialah 1891 replies8 threads Senior Member
    You seem like an excellent candidate, and I'm sure a lot of schools would love to have you.

    You've identified a lot of "reach" schools. Frankly, any school with at sub 15% admit rate is a reach even with your stats, though you certainly have a shot.

    Come April 1, you want to have some choices. Reach schools are easy. Now see what you can fall in love with a tier down.
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  • krabbypattykrabbypatty 2 replies1 threads New Member
    Thanks! Ah, yeah their all reaches...
    My brother and sister both went to Cornell
    so i do have legacy, and i'd love to go there too.
    And i really have my mind set on it, so i really don't know what i would as a safety or anything like that :(
    Thanks again!
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  • ConcernedDad101ConcernedDad101 75 replies5 threads Junior Member
    Be careful to apply to some matches and safeties. And I would definitely retake SAT1, since you obviously can do better. Brown, Cornell, Dartmouth all routinely turn down Valedictorians so your class rank is definitely not their material. Your class rank percentile is 19, and Brown. for example, admits less than 2% of applicants who are below 10th percentile in their class, and only 21% of Valedictorians.

    Brown Admission: Facts & Figures

    Those numbers may be slightly better at Cornell, but not by much.
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