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Exactly who gets EOP?

sleepisablisssleepisabliss Registered User Posts: 575 Member
edited December 2004 in College Admissions
I applied for EOP when i wrote my UC App. My family income was very low. $0 in 2004 and $13K in 2003. I qualified for the maximum fee waiver for UC applications. Do you know where I can find information on the averages of the students selected? Or possibly information that you know yourself?
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Replies to: Exactly who gets EOP?

  • Seven NightsSeven Nights Registered User Posts: 582 Member
    it also depends on the stats. even if you have average stats but show perserverence you have a good shot any college. colleges want to people like you to attend.
  • sleepisablisssleepisabliss Registered User Posts: 575 Member
    i got 750, 760, 700, 1500, 4.26. waterpolo, swimming, 303 community service
  • sybbie719sybbie719 Super Moderator Posts: 22,458 Super Moderator
    At UCSB the EOP is as follows:

    The Educational Opportunity Program (EOP) is committed to providing a support and information base that validates each student's experience and nurtures a sense of participation, belonging and empowerment. Through mentorship, academic programs, one-to-one counseling/advising, campus student support service referrals and social/cultural programming, we strive to maximize a student's involvement and success in the campus academic community. In addition to assisting students through to graduation, EOP helps motivate and inform students to utilize services to enhance their preparation for the job market and/or graduate/professional school admission. EOP services all students, while focusing on those who are low-income and first-generation undergraduates.. Excellence, achievement, leadership and community building serve as the key elements to EOP's purpose.

    Many states have EOP programs for this type of purpose. Columbia University has a National Opportunity Program.

    Opportunity Program participants receive the following services:

    Full financial aid covering tuition, room, and board.

    Academic, personal, career, and financial counseling.

    Professional and peer mentoring programs.

    Individualized/group tutorial services.

    Semester book allowance.


    Harvard, Williams, Amherst are also a few schools that are seeking economically disadvantaged students and making it truly affordable for them to attend.

    I know that this may be short notice but check them out, you have nothing to loose and who knows what you can gain.

    Allthe best
  • Seven NightsSeven Nights Registered User Posts: 582 Member
    i think ull do fine. very few ppl come from such low socioeconomic backgrounds and manage to suceed so well academically. your a rarity that many colleges want. i dont have stats but i can tell you that you have a good chance as long as the rest of your stats and recs hold up.
  • mattistotlemattistotle Registered User Posts: 1,743 Senior Member
    how does a family have 0k income? how bad of a place do you live? Have you ever had money? What race are you?

    If I know the answer to that I can predict your chance of gettin into Harvard. I'm pretty sure you can
  • sleepisablisssleepisabliss Registered User Posts: 575 Member
    my mom got laid off during an economic downturn in California. she then worked to get a real estate liscense but was unsuccessful in the business. my dad abandoned the family when i was 6 so i havent heard of him since then.

    I dont live in a bad area. I actually live in a pretty rich neighborhood. Its just I live in a small apartment complex on the corner of a rich area that is cheap. She cant really afford paying the rent though. But she stays there because of the good schools. her generous boyfriend pays some of the rent here and there when she needs help.

    Japanese American

    But even if I could get into Harvard, wouldnt I fall extremely into debt. I mean, the reason why I want to go to Berkeley so much is that it is the best school that is a commutable distance from my house so I dont have to pay for dorms and stuff. I can just take a ride from the local train station to get there.
  • sybbie719sybbie719 Super Moderator Posts: 22,458 Super Moderator
    But even if I could get into Harvard, wouldn't I fall extremely into debt.

    No because Harvard gives 100% need based financial aid. Also with their new initative for families making less than $40,000 there they are virtually eliminating the loan component, and reducing the amount of money your parent(s) will have to contribute.

    Financial aid is calcualted as follows:
    Cost of Attendance (tuition, room board, books, mis including travel home) at The Ivies Approx $42,000
    = demonstrated need

    If your EFCis "0" then 42,000-0=42,000 (which is your demonstrated need)

    At the IVies it would be broken down as follows.

    Studnet Contribution (you having to get a summer Job before arriving to school ) approx $2000- 3000 (this money will probably be your book money /travel expenses to get you there

    Student Loan (small) approx $2600

    College Work Study (which will provide you with pocket money)

    Scholarship/Grant (which will probably be something in the neighborhood of over $30,000)

    At a school like Harvard who has the largest endowment in the country you would be going pretty close to free,

    Princeton has eliminated all loans from th e Financial aid process

    Brown was recently given $100 million dollars which they are using to eliminate loans.

    Freshmen scholarhips are increased their first yeas (so they have no work study their first year) first

    Tulane was also given a huge amount of money for scholarships also.

    I would suggest that you use the financial aid calculators at the Princeton, Dartmouth or Williams websites, so that you can get a better pricture of what your financial situation would be.

    You may be in a better postion going to a well endowed school. Hope this helps

    What ever you do, all the best
  • sleepisablisssleepisabliss Registered User Posts: 575 Member
    will being poor yet going to a rich public school help me than compared going to a poor school cuz im competing against better educated children. Or will it hurt me cuz i didnt go to a poor school?

    Also, do the ivies really look for poor kids because they would be loosing money?
  • cangelcangel Registered User Posts: 4,127 Senior Member
    Ivies are looking for diversity, and with flack over affirmative action are beginning to look at economic diversity.
    Sybbie is right, the better endowed, the more they can support you. COming out with loans of <$20000 would be a bargain for you, but you may need to apply to a number of schools to get the best package.
    Discuss your situation with your GC, your application should reflect your socioeconomic status, so that you are not mistaken for one of your wealthier classmates. Read some of the threads on adversity and essay tips for whether it is better for the GC to address your situation in her rec or for you to write about it in an essay - because you want to stay away from the 'woe is me" essay, something more in line with lessons learned from a job, then working in that the job is a necessity not just a way to get a car. Good luck.
  • sybbie719sybbie719 Super Moderator Posts: 22,458 Super Moderator
    Dear Sleepisabliss,

    If you get a chance search this forum for the Amherst video (inside of the admissions


    Most of the Ivies and the elite LAC use a wholistic view of reviewing applicants, You will be evaluated in context of the opportunities which you have been given a nd not compared to the student both whose parents are professionals bringing in 6-7 figure incomes.

    Never underestimate the value of working part time (you would be suprised at the number of students who worry about EC's because they have to work to help support their families). Holding a part time job says alot about your commitment to something.
    Overall, if you have really strong grades, and SAT scores, do what Cangel says and write some really strong essays.

    Also see your GC about seeing if you are eligible for and can get fee waivers (you should be allowed 4) so it will not even cost you any money to apply to these schools or release your scores.

    Hurry, hurry because time is a passing.

    Allt he best to you
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