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medical conditions when applying to college

nike0518nike0518 36 replies13 discussionsRegistered User Posts: 49 Junior Member
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hi guys im in a bit of a dilema right. I was hoping i could get some help and guidance.
Im a junior here in texas. my gpa is 2.9375 based off of my freshman and sophmore year.
my plan is to apply to ut austin, texas a&m and maybe ut arlington. For aerospace engineering.

I have sleep apnea and it is very severe. i did not have much motivation, i had a very hard time memorizing what was taught, had depression and sucidal thoughts constantly. life really sucked. i never knew i had sleep apnea, never thought that i might have a condition. tried alot of things like sleeping earlier and more and improving sleep habits but nothing helped. I complained over and over to my parents and my pediatrician but they never suggested i might have a condition.

around late late sophmore yr i started to realize what i have to do in life. so i researched alot in the summer about college. figured once im a junior Im going to do whatever it takes to get amazing grades. but i had to take energy drinks to stay awake and focus. so i did and it helped tremdously. but i knew it wasnt healthy so i went to new dr. and he said i have sleep apnea and reccomended me going to a sleep specialist and he gave me a sample of some medication for narcolepsy (which was last saturday) and it helped alot.

I have already took the psat this year. i have outstanding grades this year. planning on taking the sat and act next semester. just found out my gpa last week.

sorry about so much info. really wanted you all to understand my situation.
i was wondering if i can list sleep apnea as a medical condition on my application.(dont know what a application looks like)????
I planning on writing about it on the third essay i write when i apply.
I wanted to know if they will understand my situation if i write a good enough essay?

btw my rank is 378/1050 and i have a appointment for a sleep study in two weeks just so they can find everything that is wrong with me and the appropiate treatment i need.
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Replies to: medical conditions when applying to college

  • happymomof1happymomof1 29297 replies169 discussionsRegistered User Posts: 29,466 Senior Member
    Good luck with the sleep study! I hope you find a treatment or therapy that works for you.

    Some students do write about their health issues, but if you do your essay should discuss what you have learned and how you have grown as a result of this experience. But most parents would recommend that you leave it to your guidance counselor to discuss in his or her letter of recommendation.
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  • Crimsonstained7Crimsonstained7 1282 replies18 discussionsRegistered User Posts: 1,300 Senior Member
    I'm not sure whether or not it counts as a medical condition (I assume it does) but regardless of whether it counts, I wouldn't use an essay for it, unless the essay is about hardships you've had. If there isn't an essay with a topic similar to that I'd use the Additional Information section (if it's the common application) or whatever equivalent section there is on the other applications to talk about how it affected you. I think you'll be fine if you work your tail off this year and next, regardless of the issues you've had.
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  • nike0518nike0518 36 replies13 discussionsRegistered User Posts: 49 Junior Member
    thnx and yes it caused great hardships. it was extremely hard to remeber things. depression was very strong freshman year. i really wish i wouldve of been diagnosed earlier so it wouldnt of affected my gpa so much. but i cant change whats been done so thats why im asking here because im looking to overcome this obstacle
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