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Depressed about College Admissions

kennypererakennyperera Registered User Posts: 25 New Member
edited November 2012 in College Admissions
I feel like committing suicide just typing this. I'm not going to be able to go to a real college because I failed 7 classes (2 P.E., 1 Sexuality 2 Geometry, 1 Earth Science and 1 English Class.) My school in the past did not use a term system, we have a quarter term system called cycles. So I failed 7 cycles, translating in term wise it would be 2 and a half classes.

Right now I'm taking AP Physics B and AP Economics, I'm preforming well. I would have taken Calculus AB or BC but they would not give it to me because I need a pre requisite of Pre-Calculus, I'm taking that at the moment and doing very well. I don't plan on getting anything lower than a 90 in ANY of my classes this year (So far working out wonderfully.) I will have a 3.5 GPA at the end of this year. I can't escape this depressed feeling of being rejected and not being able to go to a real college, resulting in going to a community. I also did horrible on the SAT the first two times because I'm stupid :( I have gotten a 1250 on my first try and a 1200 on my second... I didn't know it was possible to actually lower your grade on the SAT, I guess I'm just that retarded. I'm going to retake the SAT this December.

I applied to the following colleges:

Polytech of NYU
Long Island Uni

York College
Brooklyn College
NYC College of Technology

Albany Uni
Buffalo SUNY
Canton, College of Technology

What are my chances of getting into these colleges?

My friends are all smart and are applying to Ivy Leagues or very good colleges within the nation. They are confident they will get into their first choices. My friends laugh at me because they saw my transcript. They also said they are glad they aren't black (I'm half black) or they would be in my situation. I felt like utter crap when they said that and I was going to commit suicide that day. But my mom came home so I couldn't do it. The only reason I failed was because I didn't go to my classes, due to my clinical depression/social anxiety problems. My GPA is only 84 at the moment. :( If I get rejected from college I think I'm going to commit, I can't think straight ever since I've submitted some of my college applications. I haven't slept in 2 days. What should I do to remedy this problem? Other than seeing a psychologist.

Thank you for anyone who can help me.
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Replies to: Depressed about College Admissions

  • WordworkerWordworker Registered User Posts: 869 Member

    You need to talk to a counselor. Now. Do you see a psychologist? Does your school have help available? Do you have insurance? From your choice of colleges, I'm guessing you live in NYC. Go online or find a hard copy of the Yellow Pages, and look for teen crisis lines. Call. Yeah, today.

    Your classmates really aren't friends if they treat you so badly. NYC has lots of schools. Maybe you'd do better in a different one.

    You clearly aren't stupid, and you sound like a nice person. There are many colleges that will admit you and give you a chance to take good science and technology classes (which I assume are your favorites). But first you need to get your depression under control, so you'll have enough energy to do good work in school.
  • blackhawk667blackhawk667 Registered User Posts: 16 New Member
    First of all you need to relax, a 3.5 gpa is not a bad GPA. Secondly, do you have any safeties that you know you will be able to get into? Also if your freinds are being that degrading toward you due to your race or gpa seriously you need to get better freinds that is not worth the hate. As for not going to an Ivy League who the heck cares its all about your experience at the college and how you feel about the school. In my opinion if you are only going to any Ivy league for the 'supposed' glory of it it is not the right school for you.

    You should get accepted somewhere do not stress. For example yesterday I got my first acceptance letter from Fresno State I sent in a 3.2 GPA and still got in. So my suggestion is stop worrying so much about not getting into college, there will be somewhere. If you end up having to go to community for a few years it is not the end of the world you will be able to transfer if you want. As your SAT score, try taking pratice tests or working on the subject causing the most issues. I managed a 1440 my first time due to my math scores. Having just recently retaken it I hope that I did better, if not water under the bridge.

    Just breathe and stay focused on your Senior year.
  • kennypererakennyperera Registered User Posts: 25 New Member
    I'm a senior in high school at the moment. I don't have energy to do anything. What has carried me on in my senior+mid jr. years of school is the drive to have a good life in the future. To have a place in society. The only way to get a place in society is by have a good economic background. I want to be an engineer in life not because I love it, because I want to make the money. Once I have money people will be forced to respect me no matter what, or regardless of race. I have been bullied and stepped on all of my life and I'm going insane because of it. I have no one to tell this because they just laugh at me even my psychologist. :(
  • blackhawk667blackhawk667 Registered User Posts: 16 New Member
    Money does not equal respect, to be respected is be considered a good freind and well liked by peers. To be a good person, in my opinion DO NOT choose a career just because of a high salary, you may end up hating the job. Instead choose a career you know you will feel content and happy with. My mother does not make very much money being a 1st grade teacher, but she truly enjoys her job.

    Money does not equal respect, I know people that are wealthy some of them can be the nicest freindiest people ever, or are shallow rude and truly empty. Frankly I would not respect someone based on their income level but instead on thier view and personality. I hate people who are constant downers or feeling they are never good enough it not a healthy way of thinking. When you say "have a place in society" frankly that is an obscure statement, everyone has a place in society it all matters on how you can contribute to the community etc. I myself am from a middle class family in California, I consider myself well liked by my peers as well as freinds etc. I do not waste time on people who are so petty about appearance, money etc. All that matters to me is that are they a good person etc? My two sisters are more petty about things and frankly do not understand why I choose to be freind with people who are not 'popular' or even a bit from a stranger's eyes 'different'

    The reason is that my freinds truly have my back and rarely we ever fight about anything. while in both their cirlces of freinds stupid drama starts all the time. As for you not having anyone to talk to how about a teacher or your mother? Any relatives or religious leaders that you feel safe talking to? It is not healthy to keep those kinds of feelings bottled up.
  • WordworkerWordworker Registered User Posts: 869 Member
    Money can buy many things but, unfortunately, not respect. Hint: Donald Trump, Imelda Marcos, Leona Helmsley (if you don't remember Imelda and Leona, do a quick Google search and find some amazing reading). Respect is a response to character, and I think you already have the makings of a strong character.

    You may need a different psychologist. Do you have an understanding clergyperson? You also need a group of friends that won't bully you. Definitely find a teen crisis hotline now and call. Please.
  • happymomof1happymomof1 Registered User Posts: 25,863 Senior Member
    "I have no one to tell this because they just laugh at me even my psychologist."

    Then you need a new psychologist.

    There are tools for dealing with social anxiety and depression. There also are techniques for working around any previously unidentified learning disabilities that you might have. Good classroom grades and bad standardized test scores are practically a diagnosis for processing disorders up to and including dyslexia, so get that sorted out.

    For colleges and universities that don't require ACT or SAT scores see The National Center for Fair & Open Testing | FairTest You also might try taking a mock ACT to see if you perform better on it than on the SAT. The SAT is a deliberately tricky exam, and the ACT is more straightforward. Every college or university that requires a standardized exam for admission will accept the ACT or the SAT. You can send the scores that are best for you.

    Lastly, that your friends are applying to Ivies is meaningless. It is entirely possible that not a single one of them will even get in. Most students who apply to Ivies don't get in. Spend some time with your guidance counselor to work up a reasonable list that includes good options for YOU, and make certain that you will be able to be admitted to at least one that you like and can pay for. Keep your eyes on the prize. Getting a job that you like and can do well at is the goal, not the name on your college diploma (or even getting a college diploma at all).

    Wishing you strength, and success.
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