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Transcripts have not yet arrived..

emmared718emmared718 317 replies19 threads Member
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I applied to St. John's University and SUNY Binghamton in November/December and neither school has received my transcript.

I went to the college office in my school today and the workers there refuse to send out the transcript without a letter sent directly from the college stating that it never received my transcript. I contacted both schools (Bing & SJU) today via phone and told them my situation. Both say that as a student, I have a right to apply, and that my college office's stubbornness in this situation can eventually be used against my school. How? I do not know..

I really don't want to not be allowed to apply because of my school. What do I do now? :\
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Replies to: Transcripts have not yet arrived..

  • emmared718emmared718 317 replies19 threads Member
    Ok, also, I've been applying through scholarships on my own and a good number of them require that I send out my transcript along with all the other stuff they ask for. Anyway, I told the people at the college office this and they told me, "Sorry, you can only apply to scholarships you find out about through our school!"... What is with that? Ughh.. I'm really frustrated..
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  • dgo123dgo123 223 replies19 threads Junior Member
    the same thing happened to me for ub. don't worry they probably have it but just didnt put it on the computers yet.
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  • dufus3709dufus3709 3030 replies22 threads Senior Member
    The people at your high school are being jerks. There is no reason why they can't resend it considering the circumstances. dgo123 is probably right that the college has received it but that they haven't filed it yet. However, still have your hs resend it. Some high schools treat the students like dirt. Have a parent call the hs principal and act irate. I had to do this for my son more than once. It is really frustrating at times. At least some high schools operate on the principle that any student is always wrong whenever it conflicts with what any employee says. I think it makes it easier for the employee to have a pact like that.

    This is really ridiculous about the scholarships. You seriously need a parent to be involved.
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  • emmared718emmared718 317 replies19 threads Member
    Ok, I'll try to do all of this. It wouldn't bother me as much if I had applied a week or two ago, but the thing is -- I applied a full month (in late Nov/early Dec) before my sister to the same schools and they received her stuff, just not mine. And yeah, they are jerks.. :(
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