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Some Advice Needed....(AP and IB)

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Ok, anyone who understands what I am saying, especially someone from India, please answer this.
So I have registered for 6 AP exams
Chemistry, English Literature, Statistics, Physics C: Mechanics, Calculus BC, Psychology.
They are from May 6 to 17. Today is February 27, Is this much time enough to study for them if I am not aware of the course at all?
Next (this is the part I need some Indian or someone aware of the Indian Schooling system to answer), Can I take an IB exam if I am a student from a high school affiliated to the state (State Board school)? If yes, should I take it if I am planning to take AP exams too? and last. If it is available for students like me, where do I register for it??
Please answer fast, I need to know... and frankly, avoid answers like "these exams are really tough, dont do stuff beyond your capacity...." please... I'm not bragging, but I have been the topper of my high school for all the four years straight, and with that I have played 2 sports for on the national level and countless on my city/state level. I have 1680 hours of community service in the last 4 years.... If I can handle all this, I can definitely handle a few more exams. (I'm sorry if I sound rude, its just that so many people have said this to me.... and they dont even know me... that freaks me out!)
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