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What makes something an internship (high school)?

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I'm currently finishing what was technically called a "mentorship" and I wondered if it was like the internships people on here get in high school. I just think "internship" sounds better and is a more well-known term and if I could write "like an internship" on my application it would make it look like a better EC. (I'm grasping for straws here, but I can't do any summer programs or anything and my other ECs are fairly insignificant.)

1. The opportunity was advertised at my school but not sponsored by the school.
2. Free and unpaid.
3. 50 hours total - I realize a lot of the summer ones people usually get are longer.
4. I can get a high school credit for it.
5. Application had GPA requirement, essay, and teacher recommendation.
6. Spent most of my time either checking run sheets for errors, or in a lab at a chemical plant analyzing samples of their products for mercury and writing up the results. Learned about various lab equipment/chemistry stuff.
7. At the end, I have to write an essay and complete a science project of some kind, which I will present at an assembly.
8. Plant employees referred to me as an intern.
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  • entomomentomom 22547 replies1111 discussionsRegistered User Posts: 23,658 Senior Member
    Wouldn't it be a menteeship? ;)

    Not sure any of the factors you listed makes a difference in what the position/program is called. And I don't think what you call it on your application will make an iota of difference. What will count is how you describe it (competitive application process, independent process, presentation, etc.)
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