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How will colleges view my GPA?!

IndianboyyIndianboyy 12 replies2 discussionsRegistered User Posts: 14 New Member
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Hi, I got my refreshed transcript and I just wanted some opinions/info. I will have a 5.0ish/6 Weighted and a 3.5 UW after the summer. I will have taken 18 AP Courses and about 16 Dual enrollment courses throughout high school and I have pushed everything to the limits truly. The thing is, the majority of my Bs are in AP Classes while I have As in all but one of my dual enrollment courses. I find the college setting much better than AP Classes. I just don't like spending more time filling out useless worksheets and such when I could spend it reading the textbook and listening to a beautiful lecture. I have a 3.9ish college gpa and by the end of high school will have close to 60 credits. How will colleges view this. Will they take it in the wrong way? Have I ruined all chances for top colleges(Carnegie,Cornell,NYU, UNC,etc.)? Also , my class rank will be at least top 20 which is top 3%(High rank due to it being based off of weighted GPA).
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Replies to: How will colleges view my GPA?!

  • IndianboyyIndianboyy 12 replies2 discussionsRegistered User Posts: 14 New Member
    bump bump bumpp .Please spread some views guys:)
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  • TristesseTristesse 86 replies0 discussionsRegistered User Posts: 86 Junior Member
    A 3.5 UW GPA is great - congratulations!

    Did you explain your reason somewhere in your application? Without context, college admissions officers who review your file may (or rather, will) perceive your stats differently, according to the goals or quotas they've set for this year's pool of applicants. You've taken quite a number of college courses, and it's actually rather unusual for a high school student to enter college with so many credits. However, if you haven't explained this to the admissions committees, they won't know if you're taking college courses because you can't stand your school's AP curriculum (paraphrasing here) or taking them because you want to look impressive to the committees.

    So to answer your questions:

    Will "they" (I assume the Committees) take it in the wrong way? Maybe - my answer is not a definite "yes," only that there is that possibility because no context has been given.

    Have you "ruined all chances" for top colleges? Not necessarily. Rather, ask yourself why you feel afraid of not being able to attend a "top college." I don't know you, but with your curiosity for learning, you'd thrive at most places. It's all a matter of the F word - "fit."

    Obviously I can't speak on behalf of the admissions staff at Cornell, CMU, &c., but let me know if you have other concerns. I don't remember if I have PM enabled, though.

    Enjoy your evening!
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  • IndianboyyIndianboyy 12 replies2 discussionsRegistered User Posts: 14 New Member
    Thanks You! Anymore opinions. I just need to hear the straight reality.
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