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For people with horrible college applications?

Jumbo840Jumbo840 Registered User Posts: 25 New Member
edited October 2013 in College Admissions
I am worried. Really worried.
So I've applied to numerous schools here in Florida, I am currently a senior, and I feel like my college applications are absolutely awful. Dreadfully terrible, really. My classes are weak, my GPA and ACT/SAT scores are average, I have no letters of recommendation, absolutely zero EC's, and no real honors/awards. My entire college application is based off of family obligations, two years of employment, and average grades. I'm sure I'm not the only person in the world like this, but it sure does feel like that here on CC. I have legacy over at UF, but their scores are miles above my reach. I have a connection with a senior admissions officer at FSU, but our communication has since ended after I completed my application.
I have a "Chance Me" thread currently open, but every day, I struggle trying to fall asleep knowing that community college might actually be an option.

Basically, I'm in some desperate need for encouragement. I am lost, confused, and almost ready to accept defeat. I had a talk with my guidance counselor, and she advised to me to stop wasting my money and applying to colleges that I literally have no chance in.

I would love to hear about somebody else in my position and how they are doing. Or if you know anyone in my position, what is their story like? Where do people like me end up? If you would like to see a detailed list of my stats, you can view my "Chance Me" thread. I would also appreciate if you posted on there as well.

Thank you everybody in the CC community for your advice.
- Nate
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Replies to: For people with horrible college applications?

  • pseud0namepseud0name - Posts: 38 Junior Member
    My SAT scores are pretty average too. I got quite a couple of EC's, but nothing thaat great. I think life's about taking chances. We have the opportunity to apply to college, let's apply to as many as we can. I saw a post on here about someone who got into Stanford with a 1700 SAT score. Just try, you never know. And aim high.
  • Pennylane2011Pennylane2011 Registered User Posts: 2,716 Senior Member
    Jumbo, as a parent, I'd advise you to look ahead, not back. Apply to colleges that you think are a possiblity for you, and then the rest is not under your control. You simply can not change the past 4 years. You did what you could under the circumstances you were in, and if you wish you did better, you have the chance to do so now.
    Being on CC can make you aware of the many highly accomplished students out there, perhaps some that were more prepared than you are at a younger age, but you can't change that. You can use this information to decide on what to do in the future.
    The great news is that you are so very young and your future is ahead of you. The inaccuracy in your thinking is that thinking CC is defeat. It's a new beginning. In fact, after 2 years of doing well in CC, you could be admitted into a better college than you are eligible for now. You may know better what you want to study, and you may enter college more prepared and focused.
    I know students who, for various reasons, started at a CC, and if they were determined and focused, ended up in 4 year colleges. You can do this too. If this is where you end up, instead of thinking it's a worst case scenario, consider it may be an open door to your future.
  • JoblueJoblue Registered User Posts: 1,275 Senior Member
    Please stop wasting money applying to colleges where you literally have no chance of being admitted and please stop wasting time on "chance me" threads. Anyone who will chance you there truly has no more idea what they are talking about than you, the poster so what's the point?
    I struggle trying to fall asleep knowing that community college might actually be an option.

    Honestly, I get so fed up with high school students (and some parents) who believe that community colleges are for a) losers b) morons or c) any other negative descriptors. For many students, community colleges are a godsend and responsible for many people's going on to lead very successful lives.

    By all means, apply to four year schools you can afford and which may admit you based on your stats; Florida has many in-state options. If that doesn't work out and you do end up at CC it's simply another chance to correct the mistakes of your past educational life. If you do well there for two years you have an excellent chance of getting into and graduating from UF, if that's your dream.

    Calm down and quit thinking in black and white terms. Whatever your admission results are, they cannot doom your future unless you give up. It's truly up to you.
  • scmom12scmom12 Registered User Posts: 3,014 Senior Member
    I hope you are also looking at state of Florida system schools. If it's like in SC, some of these schools take lower stats, yet since you are part of university system it is easier to move between the schools. If they are 4 year (some here are only 2 year - don't know about Florida) they will have a college identity, residential life, and atmosphere that you may not find at community college.
  • MrMom62MrMom62 Registered User Posts: 3,488 Senior Member
    Your SAT scores are above the national average. Your ACT score is above the national average. (A 24 actually puts you in the Top 25% range.) Most colleges outside the Top 200 don't care about ECs, honors, and as long as you meet the credit requirements for each subject, don't care about the level of your coursework. Inside the Top 200, if you're an in-state resident, most things are formula.

    Stop comparing yourself to the humblebrags and get realistic about Florida schools you could reasonably attend. Then get enthused about one of them.

    A quick trip to the College Search function on CC with your GPA, Test Scores, and Florida Public schools turns up USF-St. Pete, Florida A&M, Florida Gulf Coast, Florida Atlantic, and Florida Polytechnic as your top matches. Can you live with one of those?
  • NavalTraditionNavalTradition Registered User Posts: 1,060 Senior Member
    Thanks for the dose of reality, Mr. Mom. Very strange that none of these DOOMED TO COMMUNITY COLLEGE posters ever seem to consider less-competitive four year state schools.

    FAU is in Boca. Campus looks like paradise. Many much worse places to spend 4 years.
  • mom2collegekidsmom2collegekids Forum Champion Financial Aid, Forum Champion Alabama Posts: 84,618 Forum Champion
    Can you clarify?

    In one thread you mention that your parents earn over $200k and you say that money isn't a concern. In another thread you say that you can only spend $5k per year.

    What is your situation?

    The amount that your parents will pay will LARGELY determine where you can afford to go to college.

    with your parents' $5k and a $5,500 loan, if you can add Bright Futures to a Florida public, you may have enough money if you work over the summer, too.
  • turtletimeturtletime Registered User Posts: 1,204 Senior Member
    Truly, you are in no situation to be a snob about community college. Certainly apply to universities on your list and hope for the best but you need to stop looking at CC as a horrible option. You can't afford that. Heck... TONS of kids can't afford that considering how cost prohibitive 4 years at a university can be for many. I know it feels like failure to many kids but really, it's opportunity. My kid has been taking most of her classes at the community college for dual credit this year and last. It's been very positive. There are all sorts of people there. Yes, some are aimless and just not sure what to do but you are going to find plenty of those at the state schools too. Others who are passionate and working hard with very clear educational goals are there too as are return students who are very motivated. The more costly school gets, the higher caliber of student you are finding at CC's. Community colleges have student government, radio stations, publications, clubs, ect. There is a lot to get involved with. It gives you the chance to at least finish at a dream school through transfer if you don't qualify the first time. It may not be ideal but if you spend the next few months trashing community college you'll only feel worse if it ends up being your best option.

    I'm sure you'll get into one of your options as long as you are applying to some for which your stats are in the middle range. However, I'm not sure anyone can give you total peace of mind unless you meet automatic acceptance requirements for some school. Just put together your best application and relax.
  • ucbalumnusucbalumnus Registered User Posts: 73,734 Senior Member
    Joblue wrote:
    Honestly, I get so fed up with high school students (and some parents) who believe that community colleges are for a) losers b) morons or c) any other negative descriptors. For many students, community colleges are a godsend and responsible for many people's going on to lead very successful lives.

    Agree -- many late bloomers or students who blew off high school go to community college, do well there, and then complete their bachelor's degrees at four year schools that they had no chance of entering as frosh.
  • Jumbo840Jumbo840 Registered User Posts: 25 New Member

    I seem to have worded something in my other thread that confused quite a number of people. What I meant to say was that I was trying to see if there were OOS schools that were in a range of around $5,000 more than tuitions here in Florida.

    Ex.) (RANDOM NUMBERS) Florida School = $30,000
    OOS School = $60,000, NOT OKAY
    OOS School = $20,000-$35,000 OKAY
  • Jumbo840Jumbo840 Registered User Posts: 25 New Member
    MrMom62, thank you so much for your very well thought out insight.

    I have no problem attending a lower-competitive school. On top of that, I have looked into some of those schools, but not with much time. Maybe I should look into that more.
    I'll have to try that college search function myself.

  • DreamSchlDropoutDreamSchlDropout Registered User Posts: 731 Member
    You're taking a very defeatist attitude about your situation. College applications are not a binary switch that only flips to "stellar overachiever" or "horrible".

    Yes, you're a senior and there are some things about your HS track record you cannot change. But there is no reason for you to have no letters of recommendation other than wasting time complaining about it instead of asking the teachers who have seen you at your best to write one.

    There is no reason for you to complain of having "no ECs" except to fail to see two years of demanding employment as a great EC. It demonstrates the ability to juggle multiple obligations successfully and to commit to your work.

    Many of your supposed negatives can easily be remedied with a bit of work, or a bit of recasting to emphasize them as positives. I'm not saying you're going to be competitive for an Ivy, but with a little effort you can be more competitive for the schools you are seeing as your reaches. It sounds like you have already submitted a lot of your applications, but there is still time for those you haven't sent yet.

    Even without those improvements, you are probably more competitive for some of these schools than you are feeling right now.

    And even if the unlikely should happen and you are admitted nowhere that you apply, starting out in community college is not a bad thing. In fact, it can be the gateway to significant scholarships and/or a better college than you would have been admitted to on the basis of your high school record. Many's the B student who parlays As in community college into a transfer to a great college. And scholarships abound for Phi Theta Kappa (community college honors society) students who transfer.

    Chin up, and best foot forward. Whatever happens, it is only the end of the world if you let it be.

    p.s. Consider adding Rollins College to your list. It's an excellent Florida private school that is known for being a great haven for the B students who want to learn. You might look into their Test Score Waived Option (TSWO) | Admission | Rollins College
  • Edgarm116Edgarm116 Registered User Posts: 103 Junior Member
    Dont worry about it. Its really not worth it honestly. What is done cant be changed. You wanna get to your dream school? You work your butt off at CC or another 4 year uni and then transfer! Dont give up so easily. You can get there! I dont have stellar stats and I literally had no one guiding me through this college admission process. Im trying to stay positive! You need to quit worrying. Its not like that will change the mind of the individual reviewing your app. Good luck and be ready to do whatever you have to do to reach your dream.
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