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Dilemma:music OR academics ??

ivorykeys8ivorykeys8 24 replies11 threads Junior Member
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I recently found out that I got into the semifinals of an international piano competition, which will be held at the end of April. I know that if I attend, I will sacrifice studying time for my four AP exams and run the risk of getting a lower score (my target is a 4 or 5), since I have already been practicing 6 hours a day over spring break. How much will an International Piano Competition help my college application? Will it be worthwhile to go?
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Replies to: Dilemma:music OR academics ??

  • IBclass06IBclass06 2785 replies61 threads Senior Member
    I would go. You don't have to report bad scores, and don't forget that many people (like me) apply with no AP scores at all. In any case, you'll probably do fine on the exams anyway. Not many compete in international music competitions, I think.
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  • ever_afterever_after 411 replies58 threads Member
    I say go to the competition. It is an opportunity that very few other students have and will almost certainly stand out to adcoms. If you are considering attending a music conservatory, I think the competition would be even more important (but I have no support for this and really know nothing about conservatory admissions.) Whatever you choose to do, good luck!
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  • ivorykeys8ivorykeys8 24 replies11 threads Junior Member
    Thanks for your advice, IBclass06
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  • ivorykeys8ivorykeys8 24 replies11 threads Junior Member
    Thanks to you too ever_after. But the problem is, I'm not planning on majoring in music. My goal is to get into elite schools like Ivies and major in medicine.
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  • californiakidcaliforniakid 323 replies5 threads- Member
    AP scores don't count for much, unless you're talking about the upper awards, which could help. I say go for the piano competition. That will help you way more.
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  • edadedad 2574 replies10 threads Senior Member
    If you want to go into medicine, don't give up music. The percentage of music majors who are accepted into med school is much higher than for biology or any other major.
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