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How Many Rejetions Have You Received?


Replies to: How Many Rejetions Have You Received?

  • AntariusAntarius 4547 replies67 threads Senior Member
    1. Miami : Accepted
    2. U of Arkansas: Accepted
    3. Tufts: Accepted
    4. Rice: Accepted
    5. Johns Hopkins: Waitlist
    6. U of Chicago: Waitlist
    7. Carnegie Mellon: Waitlist
    8. Cornell: Rejected
    9. Stanford: Pending
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  • EmmeryEmmery 151 replies14 threadsUser Awaiting Email Confirmation Junior Member
    2 Rejections (Dartmouth-my top choice :(, and Tufts)
    1 Waitlist (Reed)
    3 Acceptances (Williams-my second choice :), Brandeis and Lehigh)

    I definitely wasn't surprised at the Dartmouth one. But some I found odd, because I got multiple predictions that looked something like this:
    Safe match: Reed and Lehigh
    Match: Brandeis, Tufts
    Reach: Williams, Dartmouth

    I think they put all the applications in a wind tunnel and those they pull out are accepted. XD Well, congrats to acceptances and my heartfelt sympathy to rejections (and waitlists). Hopefully, you'll all like the school you choose.
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  • EsamisaEsamisa 2026 replies155 threads Senior Member
    I applied to 3 reaches... (Cornell, USC, NYU)
    and 3 safety (UT Austin (but i'm oos so i was dumb), OU, Johnson and Wales)

    So right now..:

    Rejected: Cornell, UT Austin(cornell did not shock me but UT did... dammit i wish was instate!)

    Accepted: USC (i'm probably going there), University of Oklahoma (instate), Johnson and Wales (kidding around when i applied..)

    Pending: NYU (OMG PLZ GOD LET ME IN!!!!!)
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  • OSUforMEOSUforME 539 replies24 threads Member
    8 Accepted: Penn, Brown, Duke, Northwestern, Notre Dame, Vanderbilt (full tuition, thankfully), Miami (OH), Ohio State

    1 waitlist: WUSTL

    I thought my Brown app was a sure fire rejection. I am very happy and thankful, but now I have some difficult decisions.
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  • shaddixshaddix 2242 replies14 threads Senior Member
    I now have 3 rejections...got rejected from NYU today...fun.
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  • yogayaya18yogayaya18 8 replies1 threads New Member
    Rejected: Pomona, Berkeley, Tufts, U Chicago, UCLA
    Waitlisted: Claremont McKenna, WashU

    Waiting to hear from ... Emory (praying to get in...please please please)
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  • yogayaya18yogayaya18 8 replies1 threads New Member
    To OSUforMe: Why would you post your 8 acceptances on a rejection site?

    Are you that coldhearted??? I purposely left out where i was accepted out of kindness for the point of this thread.

    What were you thinking?!?
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  • syneriasyneria 943 replies44 threads Member
    *kicks OSUforMe out of thread*

    I got 10 rejections. I am expected 3 more this upcoming week.
    1 waitlist, and 5 acceptances. All but one (UCSD) being my safety schools. I think I'm going to be going to UCSD... :x
    It's been a harsh week for me.
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  • wrathofgod64wrathofgod64 2171 replies46 threads Senior Member
    10 acceptances (Yale, Stanford, Duke, Columbia, Cornell, JHU, UCB, UCLA, UCSD, UCD)
    2 rejections (Harvard, Princeton)
    2 waitlists (MIT, Penn)

    overall, incredibly happy.
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  • PongoPongo 1038 replies31 threads Senior Member
    ah, so good of you to tell us rejects of your incredible happiness...
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  • carpe_diem1carpe_diem1 267 replies30 threads Junior Member
    i believe the thread title is how many REJECTIONS you've received.
    anyway 9 for me so far.
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  • cant_wait_to_leave_kycant_wait_to_leave_ky 224 replies16 threads Junior Member
    yeah, 3 rejections for me (harvard, yale, p'ton)

    clean sweep HYP -- not the way i'd have liked it to be, tho

    and brown waitlisted me.
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  • WoW4201WoW4201 501 replies61 threads Member
    1 acceptance 6 rejections lllllllllllllllllllolllllllllllllllllllll

    waiting on Emory and West Point. :eek:
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  • 1AmongMany1AmongMany 425 replies9 threads Member
    5 Acceptances
    2 Rejections
    1 Waitlist (which I don't really care about anyways)
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  • BestMiler1BestMiler1 3089 replies75 threads Senior Member
    6 rejections
    1 acceptancse
    waiting on 5
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  • Squiggle88Squiggle88 691 replies36 threads Member
    i got 1 rejection, 6 acceptances. i got lucky.
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  • BestMiler1BestMiler1 3089 replies75 threads Senior Member
    omg we are opposite now..i wish i was like yours
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  • brickbreezebrickbreeze 138 replies4 threads Junior Member
    2 Rejections and 5 Acceptances. Waiting on Colgate.
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  • VicksterVictoriaVicksterVictoria 12 replies1 threads New Member
    3 Rejections

    4 Acceptances

    1 Waitlist

    Waiting on 1
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  • alij1988alij1988 149 replies21 threads Junior Member
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