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How Many Rejetions Have You Received?


Replies to: How Many Rejetions Have You Received?

  • sunflower_girlsunflower_girl 38 replies9 threads Junior Member
    5 acceptances (bucknell, w&j, UT austin, IUB, lynn)
    1 waitlist (washington and lee)
    1 cold rejection from Cornell
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  • Leah0606Leah0606 115 replies38 threads Junior Member
    3 acceptances..(univ. of richmond, Univ. of illinois and LSU-honors)
    1 waitlist (ofcourse the 1 waitlist comes from the school that matters to me, UVA!)

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  • mcdcoopsmcdcoops 53 replies13 threads Junior Member
    4 Rejections (UPenn - applied ED, Yale, Brown, Dartmouth)
    0 Waitlists
    6 Acceptanecs (Cornell - attending, Bucknell, Franklin and Marshall, George Washington, Richmond, Vermont)
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  • UC_Davis_BoundUC_Davis_Bound 31 replies7 threads Junior Member
    Heres my stuff:

    UC Riverside: Accept
    UC Santa Cruz: Accept
    UC Irvine: Accept
    UC Davis: Accept
    UC San Diego: Reject
    UC Los Angeles: Reject
    UC Berkeley: Reject
    UT Austin: Reject
    USC: Still waiting most likely a rejcetion because its taking so long to come.

    I really thought UC San Diego would be my match but lots of people at my school with lower stats than me and less AP classes taken got in. I really starting to wonder if upper division classes really matter to
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  • alanstewartalanstewart 324 replies13 threads Member
    1 reject - Georgetown
    2 waitlist - U of Minnesota, Macalester
    4 accept - George Washington, American, Boston U, Tufts
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  • stevezilla1088stevezilla1088 509 replies9 threads Member
    Rejected from Princeton, MIT

    Waitlisted from Yale, Columbia

    Accepted into BU, Cornell, Swarthmore, and Harvard
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  • myk7000myk7000 145 replies39 threads Junior Member
    4 acceptances
    3 waitlists- ugh false hope always
    1 reject
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  • compgurlcompgurl 75 replies0 threads Junior Member
    Rejected from my top choice and then two BA/MD programs. Blah.
    Waitlisted at 2 schools.
    Accepted to 5 schools.
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  • jakem333jakem333 627 replies35 threads Member
    1 rejection(cornell)
    1 waitlist(WashU)
    4 acceptances(UMich, UMD:CP, CWRU, UDel)
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  • trckrazie88trckrazie88 222 replies14 threads Junior Member
    9 acceptances (BU, USC TO, Cal, UCLA honors, UCSD scholar...4 other UCs with honors/scholarships)
    1 waitlist (wash u)
    2 rejections (yale + duke)

    overall content...a bit sad about wash u though
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  • BestMiler1BestMiler1 3089 replies75 threads Senior Member
    [size=+10] WHY DOES REJECTION HURT SO MUCH? :( [/size]
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  • dcifan7dcifan7 26 replies25 threads Junior Member
    7 rejections so far. Not one real acceptance.

    At least I have a really, easy saftey school that I know I will get in. I'm waiting on 2 more out-of-state.
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  • JackBauerPowerHourJackBauerPowerHour 337 replies18 threads Member
    5 acceptances... 10 rejections... 2 waitlists... 1 pending...

    I'm actually quite happy at how it turned out.
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  • CautiousPessimismCautiousPessimism 678 replies31 threads Member
    I actually got very lucky.

    Rutgers- Accepted
    Oxford- Accepted
    Princeton- Accepted

    Tigers 2010, baby!
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  • blah06blah06 219 replies34 threads Junior Member
    5 acceptances, 1 rejection, 2 waitlists
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  • hideANDseekhideANDseek 543 replies57 threads Member
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  • OSUforMEOSUforME 539 replies24 threads Member
    I am sorry to offend those who got rejected by posting my acceptances. I slapped myself on the wrist.

    In other good news, I just got tickets to attend Reds Opening day tomorrow and I got back from Miami, Fl on Friday. I guess life can't get any better.

    Really, I sympathize with all of you who were rejected. Remember its not the college, but the effort you put into your education. I probably wont be able to attend any of these schools anyway b/c my twin is going to MIT which will basically force me to attend a school where I have a scholarship.
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  • magnetiquemagnetique 171 replies9 threads Junior Member
    6 acceptances, 3 rejections

    But it hurts, a lot.
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  • BestMiler1BestMiler1 3089 replies75 threads Senior Member
    ^^ shut up
    i have 1 acceptance and 6 rejections.....about to be 7...and still waiting on 5
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  • dashabuldashabul 12 replies1 threads New Member
    Rejected from two. Waitlisted at 5. Accepted to 8.
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