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How Many Rejetions Have You Received?


Replies to: How Many Rejetions Have You Received?

  • Mystic MerlinMystic Merlin 512 replies23 threads Member
    Accepted to 3, rejected from 2 (but Ivies, nonetheless).
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  • StudentConfidentialStudentConfidential 154 replies26 threads Junior Member
    out of 11: 2 acceptances, 6 rejections (ivy), 1 waitlist (cornell), 2 haven't heard from...
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  • BelovedBeloved 19 replies2 threads New Member
    i applied to 5 reaches. rejected from all of them. it really hurts.
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  • iamthewalrus160iamthewalrus160 11 replies12 threads New Member
    6 rejections (rice, harvard, stanford, columbia, princeton, ut bhp)
    yeah i'm now a big part of the lovely statistic of 1600's rejected from um ..everywhere. except ut.
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  • seniors06seniors06 10 replies3 threads New Member
    I applied to 8 schools- got accepted to 5, rejected to 3. I applied to 4 good matches and got in and 4 reaches and got into 1.
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  • EmmelineEmmeline 2615 replies119 threads Senior Member
    2 Acceptances followed by 4 rejections. :rolleyes:

    I am done.
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  • EsamisaEsamisa 2026 replies155 threads Senior Member
    3 acceptances and 3 rejections. It sucks. (final result)
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  • snowgirl9388snowgirl9388 184 replies25 threads Junior Member
    4 rejections, 4 acceptances, 1 waitlist, 1 pending... decent balance i guess
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  • Alex M.Alex M. 178 replies17 threads Junior Member
    Finally done.

    5 acceptances, 5 rejections, 2 waitlists
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  • JohnnyKJohnnyK 2117 replies39 threads- Senior Member
    Amazing how people smart enough to get accepted into these schools can still be so dumb as to fail to understand the concept of "post rejections."

    I think it's downright disrespectful to these people who tried just as hard as you but didn't turn out so lucky in what is essentially a collegiate crapshoot.

    And that kid who said non-Wharton Penn wasn't a big deal...

    Wharton: 475 / 3938 = 12.1%
    College: 2,261 / 12,999 = 17.4%

    Yeah, huge difference...not. Don't come here with an attitude like that. Or perhaps come and have your mind changed?
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  • CC AdminCC Admin 29516 replies2985 threadsAdministrator Senior Member
    7 rejections, 4 waitlists, 5 acceptances.
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  • csikyboycsikyboy 3 replies1 threads New Member
    19 rejections, 3 accepted, 2 waitlists and 3 pending... And still very happy. :D
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  • miaolingmiaoling 509 replies6 threads Member
    5 rejections in a row over just ONE night...the only time I pulled an all-nighter on Mar 30, hoping to get just a single acceptance to make up for it...and what did I get? A rejection at 3 AM, 2 rejections at 5 AM, 1 rejection from what-was-my-first-choice-and-dream-school at 6 AM (the lousy server was clogged). I got drunk and sobered up at 7 PM only to get the last rejection of the day in my mailbox.
    And life still goes on...
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  • gravitygravity 16 replies1 threads New Member
    4 acceptances, 2 waitlists, 2 rejections
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  • IzzyJIzzyJ 3244 replies27 threads Senior Member
    4/9 = rejections. 2/9 = waitlist. 3/9 = acceptances.
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  • upstater05upstater05 136 replies1 threads Junior Member
    i am shocked to see how many schools you all applied to! who payed for all those application fees?

    anyways, back when i applied (last year) i got a very cold rejection from cornell, and a waitlist from northwestern.
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  • IzzyJIzzyJ 3244 replies27 threads Senior Member
    I only paid the fees for two of the schools. The others were free for online applications or international students or student (US citizens or int'ls) living overseas. :)
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  • chemaddict17chemaddict17 414 replies9 threads Member
    2 rejections if u count early. and i like to think that the non-early one was because i lack common sense. oh well.
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  • Tdaws55Tdaws55 144 replies17 threads Junior Member
    3 rejects, 7 admits. I really didnt try in high school until it was too late. Oh well, rejects were Berkeley, Claremont Mckenna and PSU-UP (weird). Whatever, got into UCSD. It's a good school, and i guess im happy considering the amount of effort i put into hs.
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  • quirkilyquirkily 1052 replies9 threads Senior Member
    2 rejections, 2 waitlists, and 6 acceptances.
    Rejections: Yale, Stanford
    Waitlists: Harvard, Columbia
    Acceptances: UCB, UCLA, UCSD, Swarthmore, Brown, Princeton.
    Attending Princeton next year.
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