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How Many Rejetions Have You Received?

kellyconn1kellyconn1 272 replies45 threads. Member
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I HATE rejections, they make you feel personally judged by someone who doesn't even know you. I got rejected from my two first choices, both reaches and this was NOT a good year to apply for reaches hence my fellow classmates many of whom have better stats who also got rejected or waitlisted. I have gotten 6 rejections, 4 admits, 2 waitlists and even though 4 of the 6 were schools I likely would not have attended, Heck it still stings!!
GW had the worst rejection letter I have seen yet, very impersonal, cold and blunt. Nothing hopeful unlike the dignified letters I have gotten from other schools like BC and Northeastern. But I think we can all agree on one thing, this was one of the toughest years ever for everyone, including the elite, every letter from every college spoke of record numbers of applications so I am trying to be joyful in what choices I do have.


If i produce a bumper sticker that reads: I SURVIVED THE COLLEGE APPLICATION PROCESS OF 2006!! will you buy it? haha.
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Replies to: How Many Rejetions Have You Received?

  • Drew00Drew00 2733 replies231 threadsRegistered User Senior Member
    I only applied to matches. I wish I would've applied to some reaches.
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  • kellyconn1kellyconn1 272 replies45 threads. Member
    drew did you apply to michigan ann arbor? i got in but am leaning towards IU kelly business or Bentley.
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  • Drew00Drew00 2733 replies231 threadsRegistered User Senior Member
    No, I wish i would have though. My SAT is considerably less than the average (1800) and my GPA was considerably below the average (3.2). But my aunt works in the office of admissions and both of my parents went there and graduated summa cum laude. Oh well, though.
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  • beowulf00beowulf00 107 replies56 threadsRegistered User Junior Member
    Oh man, things seemed so good. These are my results, and yes, in this order!
    1 acceptance, 2 waitlist, 7 rejections
    Things were looking up. The first result I got was an acceptance, the next two were both waitlists. Though the waitlists discouraged me, I was happy that I didn't get rejected yet. Then, in the period of two days, I got 7 rejections in a row! Holy [email protected] Though I'm still waiting for results from 4 colleges, I don't see anything good coming my way soon. I'm getting depressed LOL.
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  • APDoolittleAPDoolittle 1275 replies0 threadsRegistered User Senior Member
    I got 3 rejections and 10 acceptances!!

    Oh man!! Last night was the worst w/ Ivy decisions!! I got 5 Ivy decisions last night, and I just got one in the mail today!

    Last night, first I checked Cornell (CAS), I got in!! I was thrilled!

    Then I went on to check Dartmouth. I got in as well! I was ecstatic at this point.

    The surver was busy for the Yale page, so it took me forever to finally check my decision. "....I write with sincere regret....." <--- That's all I had to see to know the rest. I was really sad. It wasn't my #1 school, but rejection hurts nonetheless.

    Then I got Harvard's e-mail (almost 3 hours late). Harvard was my #1 school. WAS!! LOL, I was rejected. That stung the most!!!

    Then, I got Columbia's e-mail (also very late). Rejection!

    So I got 2 acceptances and then 3 rejections in a friggin row!! That hurt soooo bad!

    But this afternoon when I got home from school, all of my disappointment disappeared!!! I got into Princeton!!! Their financial aid is CRAZYYYY!!!! I'm practically going there on a full-ride (based on need)!!! Thanks be to God!

    There's hope everyone!! Just have faith!! It's possible to live beyond rejection.

    And as for your survey question: I suppose I would. Although, I think it would look cooler on all my school guidance dept.'s windows!! Nice idea btw.

    -Jon :D
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  • kellyconn1kellyconn1 272 replies45 threads. Member
    drew i got a 1780 on my sat!
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  • kellyconn1kellyconn1 272 replies45 threads. Member
    ap WOW, is the only word I have for you! Good for you, Princeton rocks! Beo, hey you got into one school and thats more than many did, are you leaning towards going or pursuing waitlists? You know this is an addicting board, I gave up my movie plans to chill, so i said to my friends, and that i needed to "reflect on my rejections", haha, they found that funny considering one is going to Brown, one is going to GW and the other still has no idea! Oh well..........
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  • APDoolittleAPDoolittle 1275 replies0 threadsRegistered User Senior Member
    Hey Kelly, thanks!!! I'm thrilled!! I'm actually going out to celebrate tonight!!

    I'm sorry about everyone's rejections! Oh but guess what?!?! Now that we're on the subject: I was on NBC just yesterday talking about the college process. NBC came to my school and my school picked me and 3 other seniors to be interviewed. It was basically a segment about dealing w/ the stress/anxiety of college applications and decisions (especially rejections). It's online I believe, so go on the NBC website and look for the clip. It gives some pretty cool tips for students dealing with rejections!

    Congrats to all on your acceptances. You'll thrive wherever you go. Don't worry. There's success to be had in many places. Just be wise about where you look for it!

    -Jon :)
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  • AgrophobicAgrophobic 660 replies185 threadsRegistered User Member
    TWO, but I can't complain since they had acceptance rates below 10%
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  • APDoolittleAPDoolittle 1275 replies0 threadsRegistered User Senior Member
    Yeah, I'm not complaining about my rejections. They all had admit rates lower than 10% as well!!

    Then again, I got into schools w/ similar rates (less than 10%), so I can't complain either way! ;) YEAH!
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  • Flipsta_GFlipsta_G 1101 replies14 threadsRegistered User Senior Member
    Zero, somehow. Probably would have been a few more if I didn't get too lazy to apply to MIT, Penn, Princeton, and Brown.

    Sorry about your rejections, guys. I think it would have been more healthy for my ego to get some of them, but apparently I got lucky.
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  • PongoPongo 1038 replies31 threadsRegistered User Senior Member
    I've gotten rejected from Stanford, Duke, Columbia, and Princeton (well, not yet, but seriously) and waitlisted at Northwestern.

    I'm still waiting on Amherst and Pomona, but i have little hope for them.

    I got into BC, BU, CMU, Miami Ohio, Indiana, and Purdue.

    Actually, I'm considering taking a gap year. my opinion of myself is pretty much crap right now. opinions, anyone?
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  • Drew00Drew00 2733 replies231 threadsRegistered User Senior Member
    You got in OOS w/ a 1780!? Are you an athletic recruit or a legacy?
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  • ShadowOfAnEnigmaShadowOfAnEnigma 896 replies26 threadsRegistered User Member
    2. 11 Acceptances. 3 Waitlists. Waiting on 1.
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  • royrules22royrules22 639 replies54 threadsRegistered User Member
    5 rejections: Caltech, Harvey Mudd, Harvard, Columbia and Stanford (this was my #1 choice.. :()

    On the other hand I have 7 acceptances:

    UCSC, UCI, UCD, UCSD, UCLA, UCB, Cornell
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  • cherrytreecherrytree 9 replies0 threadsRegistered User New Member
    4 Rejections. 2 Waitlist. 5 Accepted. 2 Pending.
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  • SoCalBumSoCalBum 55 replies17 threadsRegistered User Junior Member
    Duke: Rejected
    Brandeis: Rejected …Appealing…but doesn’t matter
    USC: Pending...but probably Rejected
    Tufts: Rejected
    William and Mary: Rejected
    SDSU: Rejected
    CSUC: Accepted
    CSUSF: Accepted

    I am going to attend Santiago Canyon Community College and transfer to UCLA thru the IGETC and never have to worry about the SAT's again.

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  • kellyconn1kellyconn1 272 replies45 threads. Member
    shadow, nice record. No drew no athelete and no legacy but my step brother went, good grades but not the best by any stretch, great ec's, and great recs.
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  • shaddixshaddix 2242 replies14 threadsRegistered User Senior Member
    2 rejections, with one being a #1 choice...still there is always grad school...
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  • kellyconn1kellyconn1 272 replies45 threads. Member
    although its wondeful to hear about all these ivy acceptances, may I please remind you this is a site for rejections only and only for those like myself who want to feel sorry for themselves, dwell on it, comiserate with others just like ourselves, not the harvard bound crimson wearing jubilants that just got word that they "only got into Harvard", i feel so bad for you. I am saying most of this in jest but seriously guys, don't come here if you got like into every school you applied to, are the top of your class, inventing a cure for cancer, developing a long term peace plan for the middle east and planning to run for president at 21, this is for us real folk who really want to sort dwell in our misery at least for 24 hours then put on a smiley face, face the world and make some decisions about where we CAN go. You know I am playing with you.

    But all you harvard bound lucky dogs, I always thought if someone went to Harvard, had a REALLY hard time making it, wouldn't this be a great idea for a book about your experience:


    Would it pique your interest? Got this idea when my two yes TWO cousins got in, but of course they are loving it and of course doing outstanding work! Good luck! And pardon my sarcasim, believe me, its said with the best of intentions!!
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