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Does my high school record look rigorous enough for competitive schools?

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I am working on revising my class schedule for senior year, and I would like some input if what I've decided on is good enough for competitive schools such as New York University or Princeton University. These are my reach schools and some lower tier schools I am interested in are SUNY Geneseo, SUNY Binghamton, CUNY Hunter College, Nova Southeastern University, and University of Tampa, though I understand they are still competitive. So here's a bit about me as a student as of the end of junior year:

- 95 cumulative average for junior year
- SAT Scores: Reading - 580; Math - 660; Writing - 640; Total:1880 or 1240
- My school offers only 6 APs (Lit, Lang/Comp, Bio, U.S., World, Gov); I have taken AP Lang and Comp, and AP Biology
- Varsity swim team for past 3 years
- Vice President of International Club (Similar to French/Spanish Club)
- National Honor Society
- Ranked 8th in my class of about 125 students.
- Volunteer for 30 Hour Famine
- My schools offers community college level courses taught by our own high school teachers that count for CC credit entitled "MVCC" courses; I have taken MVCC French 191-192 (Equivalent of French 4), MVCC Pre-Calculus, and MVCC U.S. History 111-112.
- MVCC courses and AP courses are weighted the same when it comes to GPA, but MVCC courses are considered easier than AP but harder than regular courses.

So here is what I want my senior schedule to look like. The * represents a half year course. I want it to be considered "Most Demanding" when my guidance counselor sends my transcript and stuff to colleges, but at the same time I don't want it to be too rigorous that I can't keep up.

1) AP Government
2) MVCC French 5
3) Physics Lab/Gym
4) MVCC Economics*
5) Lunch
6) MVCC Psychology*/MVCC Sociology*
7) Physics
8) MVCC English
9) MVCC Calculus

I would appreciate any feedback on how I could make my resume or my schedule more rigorous for the schools I plan to apply to. I do not know yet what I wish to major in, but these schools are definitely in mind.
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