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How to approach explaing low SAT?

ggwpafk823ggwpafk823 135 replies32 threads Junior Member
SAT 1: 660 CR, 800M, 640 W
SAT II: Bio E, Phys, Math II- to be taken in Jan, pre-specified colleges to receive scores, so Im covered. WIll try my best to score 730+

Am applying to MIT and cornell, others are match LACs

I honestly didnt even begin looking into the college app process until late November. ( I had 2 weeks to put together my Macaulay app). I could make excuses by saying that my school is brand new, the GC is brand new, no-one told me, but ultimately its my fault. I basically played video games all summer long 24/7. And now its hurting :(

Im not even that bad of a writer. I write essays for fun sometimes, Im in Ap Lit and my teacher loves my work (for the most part), so I know I cant be that bad. I just didnt study at all, I literally rolled out of bed the day of the exam, looked up prac questions for 5 mins and went walked over to the exam venue. (Gamer Juniors, be warned). Took the SAT twice, scored around almost the same. Time and funds have now run short. (mostly time)

So my real question is how much weight do you think the adcoms will give to SAT scores given the quality of essays, which I think might be somewhat solid (assuming that they assume its all my work, which it is), and that my English scores in school have always been decent?
And should I attempt to explain it in the additional info? Probably not, right?
What do you guys think? Comments would be truly appreciated!
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Replies to: How to approach explaing low SAT?

  • happy1happy1 23229 replies2300 threads Senior Member
    I don't think you can/should try to explain your SAT scores -- certainly the explaination that you played video games all summer rather than preparing for the exam won't help-- at this point the scores are what they are and they do show your strength in math. The SATs will certainly play a part in the review of your application -- that is why schools require the exam. There are SAT optional colleges you can consider but I don't know that the deadlines are for those schools.
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  • SameerHussainSameerHussain 300 replies60 threads Member
    Never explain the reasons for getting low scores, especially if they're not even low. 2100 is really good and you'll come off as arrogant if you talk about it. They're both important but only Adcoms would know the answer to your question.
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  • ggwpafk823ggwpafk823 135 replies32 threads Junior Member
    Ok, then.
    Guess Ill just have to find something else to whine about in that section :neutral_face:
    Thanks guys!
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