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AsianDoctorAsianDoctor 249 replies113 threads Member
is it true that those "good" colleges only accept the SAT.
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  • foolishfoolish 880 replies14 threads Member
    no, but SAT masterrace ya
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  • uesmomof2uesmomof2 392 replies18 threads Member
    Not at all. If you go to the Common Data Sets for the various colleges and universities, it tells you the percentage of kids in the freshman class who submitted ACT vs. SAT. These numbers are for 2013-14. While it does appear that more kids submitted SATs that year , it is likely due to the fact that SAT is still favored among East Coast kids and International Kids but that is shifting at least here on the east coast in favor of ACT.


    Percent submitting SAT scores 86% 1105
    Percent submitting ACT scores 33% 427


    Percent submitting SAT scores 81% Number submitting SAT scores 1,098
    Percent submitting ACT scores 35% Number submitting ACT scores 478


    Percent submitting SAT scores 82% 2656
    C9 Percent submitting ACT scores 39% 1258


    Percent submitting SAT scores: 86%. Number submitting SAT scores: 1,438
    Percent submitting ACT scores: 39%. Number submitting ACT scores: 660

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  • austinmshauriaustinmshauri 9357 replies352 threads Senior Member
    When I was young, the SAT was used predominantly by schools in the Eastern US and the ACT was used by schools in the Western US. Now, students choose the test that's best for them. Some seem to do better on the ACT, but others do better on the SAT. Try a practice test of each and see which one you prefer.
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  • woogzmamawoogzmama 3832 replies18 threads Senior Member
    I suggest taking both at least once.
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  • Erin's DadErin's Dad 33351 replies4079 threads Super Moderator
    All colleges accept both the SAT and ACT. Only one college has a stated preference and that is one college in VA for the ACT. I agree with trying both.
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  • TiggyB62TiggyB62 1358 replies0 threads Senior Member
  • Wje9164beWje9164be 1311 replies8 threads Senior Member
    There can be major differences in how well you do on ACT vs SAT. D got only a 2070 on SAT but a 36 on ACT. The SAT score is respectable but marginal for top LACs but the ACT score seems to be opening doors. Take both and use whichever score is stronger
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