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Rutgers, F on my Report Card

PickyPickyPickyPicky 1 replies4 threads New Member
For Rutgers I had to submit my SRAR which I could only complete up to the second quarter of my schooling. I've now been accepted to RU but my concern is that I have now received an F on my report card. My questions are, do I have to finish the SRAR even though I've been accepted already and with that one F on my report card since I've started high school could they possibly reject me?
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Replies to: Rutgers, F on my Report Card

  • TopTierTopTier 2718 replies48 threads Senior Member
    Why don't you explain what SRAR is (I looked it up, but I'll wager that not one CC contributor in a hundred is familiar with either the acronym or its requirements/ramifications). For future posts, wouldn't it make sense to help those you are requesting assist you by not requiring that they ascertain such information?

    Almost all universities mandate both senior mid-year/first-semester grades and a final transcript be provided for accepted students. Accordingly, there's a strong probability your F will will be furnished to Rutgers. Dependent on many factors (including, the strengths of your aggregate academic record, the subject in which you received the F, whether that subject is an RU entry requirement, and the overall trend of your grades) your acceptance might -- or might not -- be rescinded.

    You'd be wise to discuss this problem -- in-depth -- with your CG now. You need to be proactive and to "get ahead" of this issue BEFORE Rutgers see the F and either revokes your admittance or demands a coherent and compelling explanation. You (quite possibly, with and through your GC) probably need to contact RU soon, possibly with a proposed plan that will retain your admission. This is potentially a significant problem and you need to resolve it favorably and immediately.
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  • TheDidacticTheDidactic 2092 replies21 threads Senior Member
    @TopTier is right in that respect. I know what the SRAR is because I'm from New Jersey but many CC'ers may NOT know.

    The SRAR is The Self Reported Academic Record(?), something special that Rutgers provides for the applicant to provide his/her academic record and grades. It's basically the transcript/midyear report. @PickyPicky‌, yes you HAVE to report that F. This is a serious situation because this could possibly rescind your acceptance. You need to talk with your guidance counselor ASAP/Monday and discuss this situation further before doing anything. If you don't report that F, you are basically lying. This is something that you would have to talk about with your GC, determine if there are probable odds you will be rescinded, and go from there.
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  • bopperbopper 14297 replies101 threadsForum Champion CWRU Forum Champion
    Also ask yourself why you got an F? Surely you noticed you were not doing well? Did you go talk to the teacher? Ask what successful students do? Do all homework? Get a tutor? Form a study group? DO extra problems?

    Go see your GC.
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  • ikooldiscoveryikooldiscovery 108 replies14 threads Junior Member
    In same situation, I got into RU but with 3 Ds on my senior sem 1 grades... Counselor told me public colleges usually try to work with accepted students and rescind admission in last resort. If you received the F by a factor other than senioritis then email them and explain your situation and then show them sem 2 better grades
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