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How Will You Spend Ivy Day 2015?

jamesjunkersjamesjunkers 1636 replies70 threads Senior Member
edited March 2015 in College Admissions
Will you be curling up next to your computer for 11 hours straight? Will you be sitting in school yelling at anyone who looks your way? Will you be sporting your favorite Ivy's t-shirt, hoping it gives you good luck? Will you gain 20 pounds in stress eating? Will you scream at your family every 5 minutes for asking if you got your decision? Will you start crying at 4:50 pm, and cut off a finger for each minute you have to wait until those decisions? Will you be laughing at your friends because you already know where you're going to college, and Ivy Day means nothing to you?

Whatever it is you're going to do, the College Confidential Community wants to know! Share your plans for March 31 below, whether it be a detailed schedule encompassing every second, or simply the order you are going to view decisions.
edited March 2015
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Replies to: How Will You Spend Ivy Day 2015?

  • ccheennaaccheennaa 47 replies5 threads Junior Member
    I dunno. It crossed my mind to not check and just wait for acceptance packets in the mail. They send that stuff out fast!
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  • jamesjunkersjamesjunkers 1636 replies70 threads Senior Member
    No no no. How could you ever do that!? The curiosity would consume you whole!
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  • SaphireNYSaphireNY 572 replies19 threads Member
    Not if you applied to Columbia, they sent out an email saying that after all the junk mail they have sent over the last year, they want to be ecologically repsonsible and send decisions through the portal only. I thought it meant rejection (probably does) until someone on the Columbia Forum got the same email and a prior likely letter

    Really really hope I actually get in to someplace I can be excited about going before then
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  • ndelkaifndelkaif 33 replies3 threads Junior Member
    I'll probably have to work, though
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  • hopefulpersonhopefulperson 281 replies11 threads Junior Member
    I'm going to school, getting home, being glad about my one Ivy acceptance, laughing hysterically about my three surefire Ivy rejections, eating some ice cream, and taking a nap.
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  • econsftweconsftw 127 replies17 threads Junior Member
    International applicant from Asia here...
    I'm going to stalk CC, sleep at 1am, wake up halfway in panic only to realize decisions are a few hours away, continue stalking CC, go back to an uneasy sleep, repeat the cycle 3 times, then wake up 1h late for results. And panic. Hopefully I'll be celebrating instead of crying in my bed. Haha -that's what's been happening for the other schools. I've never managed to wake up right on time.
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  • MsSundayMsSunday 33 replies4 threads Junior Member
    A day of KBBQ for sure! oh..wait, I think we are going to Disney land!
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  • k4vglitcherk4vglitcher 85 replies6 threads Junior Member
    I will wake up listening to the alma mater from the schools I have gotten a likely from. Once this has given me enough strength to lift myself out of bed, I will get myself ready for school and start to become thankful for being the only one from my school applying to the Ivys so I won't be questioned. I will wear my Cornell polo with some fresh shoes that are heat, and go on with my day. Once the decisions are out, I will be on CC waiting for the hype to go down so I can get on. I'll log into my gmail and prepare for the worst. 4 years man... 4 years!
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  • xFirefirexxFirefirex 326 replies14 threads Member
    edited March 2015
    I have school until 2:30, and then I'll probably stay until 3 or 3:15 talking with friends. I'll go to the gym until 5 and then get home and immediately check my schools at 5:15.

    This way, I know they're out.

    As far as what order, I already have my list down. I'll start off with Yale (got deferred SCEA, so I'll want closure no matter which way it swings) and then move down the list in order of preference (Most wanted --> least wanted).

    I feel like I'll be a lot less stressed out since I already have acceptances to Cornell and Vanderbilt under my belt as well, and I'm pretty excited about those two.
    edited March 2015
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  • Xenmas021Xenmas021 50 replies14 threads Junior Member
    A nice big bottle of Disaronno. In any event, it's going to be a nice treat.
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