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Taking into account CLASS RANK when changing schools

ikim16ikim16 391 replies50 threads Member
Hey CC...

right to the point, my 9th grade year was abysmal..got an average 2.9
i didnt try and wanted to start fresh sophomore year. Little did i know that my gpa affects me even today

I changed schools and my sophomore and junior year were much better.
got 3.9 UW and 4.1-4.5 both years.

Yet my class rank is weighted by my freshman year. My more recent school, granted, is easier but i complained that it wasn't fair. My rank is 50/150 which sucks, since my 10-11 rank should be in the top 5%.

Will colleges see how my freshman year hampered my class rank?
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Replies to: Taking into account CLASS RANK when changing schools

  • sophie9999sophie9999 442 replies7 threads Member
    I think admissions officers are smart enough to know when they look at your transcripts why your class rank is so low. There's nothing you can do about it, so don't worry about it. Make sure to continue getting good grades. Many admissions officers look favorably upon an upward trend in GPA from what I've heard.
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  • ikim16ikim16 391 replies50 threads Member
    yesssss. thank you
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  • mathmommathmom 33219 replies163 threads Senior Member
    A GC could make a note of this if you ask them to. No guarantees, but it's not that hard to put a sentence into the GC report that says something like, "ikim16's rank was brought down by poor freshman year grades at another school. If we were able to compute rank just by the grades received here, ikim's rank would be ___."
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  • ikim16ikim16 391 replies50 threads Member
    @mathmom GC. My counselor. Crap. She did mine like 2 months ago and i dont remember telling her that. i know she knows it's unfair but i hope she included it.
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  • CGHTeachCGHTeach 295 replies33 threads Member
    I'm not sure what you think is unfair about this. Typically, all grades are considered. Transferring from one HS to another isn't a magic eraser...
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  • lostaccountlostaccount 5331 replies90 threads Senior Member
    I bet the sense things aren't fair is graduating from a less rigorous high school but having ones GPA impacted by the more difficult high school, unlike peers at the 2nd school. I can understand feeling that way but you'll have more important credentials to show.
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