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Who has a higher chance at getting accepted by a college?

teabiscuitteabiscuit 20 replies61 threads Junior Member
Kid 1: 6 APs & 5 honors classes overall, extra electives instead of free periods 11th & 12th grade, 94.5 GPA, 30 ACT

Kid 2: 4 APs & 0 honors classes overall, replaced elective (not free) with a science class 11th grade, dropped language 12th grade and took 2 frees (no elective or extra science), 92.5 GPA, 32 ACT

I'm asking this cause my friend insists that kid 2 would have better chances because of the higher ACT score, which I hope isn't true because that would be kind of unfair for kid 1 who has a harder schedule and higher gpa... Just wondering what you guys think, thanks!
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Replies to: Who has a higher chance at getting accepted by a college?

  • csumitcsumit 301 replies2 threads Member
    It really depends on how big the gap is. Generally a higher GPA will win
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  • novafan1225novafan1225 683 replies19 threads Member
    More often I think candidate 1 would be chosen, but it depends the disparity between them. I.e, a 94 GPA with 6 AP''s with a 25 ACT vs. a 93 GPA with 5 AP's and a 35 ACT? Candidate B by a mile.
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  • jlopez98jlopez98 28 replies3 threads Junior Member
    ^^^^ like they said it depends on the gap. If you have a decent ACT score and a high gpa w rigorous course load i think you have a better shot. Schools tend to value GPA highest because its 4 years instead of one day.
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  • NickFlynnNickFlynn 826 replies15 threads Member
    In general, GPA is probably weighted slightly more by most schools.

    However, the big issue is that lots and lots of people have 4.0s (3%-5% of college bound seniors) and over 10% have 3.75 or higher...so, there's a lot more room to distinguish yourself with test scores.
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  • bodanglesbodangles 8628 replies557 threads Senior Member
    For what school?? Different schools consider different aspects of the application more important. For my school, for instance, GPA is 2/3 of the decision.
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  • elliebhamelliebham 713 replies163 threads Member
    It doesn't seem like a productive use of time to argue about who has a better chance of getting accepted to college (and if you want to nitpick, they both have an equal chance of getting accepted to a college, since you didn't specify that had to be an "elite" college).
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  • teabiscuitteabiscuit 20 replies61 threads Junior Member
    Let's say the college had to choose between these two kids. Who do you think they would pick?
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  • whitespacewhitespace 994 replies35 threads Senior Member
    You sort of ignored posts #2 and #3. The point is, different colleges are looking for different things. For instance, both would be accepted to my state flagship, likely with honors. However, it's likely that both would be rejected to Harvard.
    In any case, schools have different priorities concerning testing, GPA, and schedules.
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  • fishgillfishgill 190 replies7 threads Junior Member
    But these things aren't the only aspect of an applicant. It would most likely come down to ECs, leadership, and essays. It doesn't matter if one has a higher GPA/test score if they write a crappy essay. Comparing two students is extremely difficult based on mere numbers, considering students are more than that...
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  • lalaboundlalabound 41 replies13 threads Junior Member
    Hi! I'm kid 2! Really, it's uncanny.
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  • albert69albert69 3191 replies56 threads Senior Member
    In other words, are you asking which kid is dumber?
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  • HollaChallaHollaChalla 54 replies0 threads Junior Member
    @teabiscuit probably Kid 2 has a better chance
    Standardized test scores matter more than GPA because colleges can compare students with something more uniform than GPA, which differs from school to school with inflation.
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  • NickFlynnNickFlynn 826 replies15 threads Member
    edited December 2015
    Why don't you both apply to the same schools and see who gets in?

    Seriously, what a silly thing to be fussing about. This is on level of "My dad can beat up your dad!"
    edited December 2015
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  • wisteria100wisteria100 4549 replies51 threads Senior Member
    Every info session i've attended, colleges stress the importance of rigor, so I'm going with kid 1.
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  • skieuropeskieurope 41106 replies7749 threads Super Moderator
    I'm failing to see the point of this thread. Closing.
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