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Please help me with my appeal letter for my academic dismissal

KMstar1KMstar1 10 replies2 threads New Member
Hello everyone, I need help with my appeal letter for my university. Everything I say is sincere.
Dear xxxxxxxxxx,
My name is xxxxxx, a sophomore student who has been dismissed after the fall semester of 2015. When I was notified that I had become dropped as a student, I knew I had no one to blame but myself. Although my reasons were not due to any physical reasons, I urge you to give me one more chance to prove myself as a student.
Going into my freshman year, I had been previously been rescinded by xxxxxxx due to poor grades in my senior year of high school. I was running away from my mistakes because I was naïve and arrogant. I had always thought I just needed to study more and I would never receive any academic failures. During my freshman year and first semester of my sophomore year, the main reason for my failure in class was not attending lectures and discussions and neglecting help from reliable teachers. I failed to realize that just studying more and trying to learn everything on your own will never work in college because college is a place where only the brightest and most curious students study. Even students who were very successful in high school have goals to study more by themselves in college.
The most important thing I have failed to realize through repeated failures was my mindset about school was inaccurate. College is not a place meant for everybody. If there is no determination and willingness to succeed though curiosity, going to college is a waste of time. I have realized I possess a burning passion to help those who are sick due to lack of medication by studying biology and later pursuing pharmacy.
I have grown to love xxxxxx because it has taught me things beyond just academics. It would mean everything to graduate from this university. My GPA was low mainly because my mindset on college was very inaccurate. If I am readmitted to this university, I will attend every class with the intention to learn regardless of any excuse, take advantage of the free tutors my university provides for the students, and retake classes that I have previously failed to boost my GPA and successfully change my major. Thank you for your time.
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