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How to show interest in a school (without an interview)?


Replies to: How to show interest in a school (without an interview)?

  • palm715palm715 801 replies24 threads Member
    You have been very interactive and pleasant with everyone who posted to your thread. A lot of students on CC don't do that, and I think it is indicative of how well you might interview. In general, I've never understood why it is not considered important. You rarely hear of someone being accepted for a job with just a resume, no interview.

    My D decided, no matter what the common data set or public opinion said, to hustle for an interview whenever possible. It amused me when one college said we have no alumni in your area to do an interview, well how about Skype, nope, well how about telephone, fine fine we'll do it. It remains to be seen if the college liked her persistence as much as I did...
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  • ucbalumnusucbalumnus 82836 replies738 threads Senior Member
    palm715 wrote:
    In general, I've never understood why it is not considered important. You rarely hear of someone being accepted for a job with just a resume, no interview.

    Probably because of the high volume of applications and lack of uniformity in interview procedures (many colleges use alumni volunteers, and some may "grade" differently or have different expectations from others). Interview results may also strongly reflect how they applicants interact with the usually upper-middle to upper class that the alumni interviewers typically are, so applicants raised in upper-middle to upper class environments may be at a natural advantage over those from other class backgrounds. So interviews may introduce more "noise" than "signal" into the admissions process.
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  • happy1happy1 23831 replies2384 threads Super Moderator
    If you are making a trip to a school to audition, you should contact admissions, let them know when you will be on campus for the audition and ask if it would be possible to set up an on-campus interview during that visit. If you can set up an interview that is great, if not at least admissions would be sure to know that you are coming to campus for an audition.
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  • STEMinist16STEMinist16 59 replies41 threads Junior Member
    @happy1 I'm not traveling. Unfortunately, the school only allows electronic submissions for audition materials.
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  • funfatdaddyfunfatdaddy 354 replies2 threads Member
    One way to show interest is to log in to your college account once in a while and look up any information of interest. Colleges can determine how many times and how long you logged in. I remember reading an article that went behind the admissions scene at Lehigh University. In one instance a member of the committee mentioned how one student never checked the Lehigh website. The committee agreed The student showed no interest and rejected the application. Emailing your region's rep is another way to show interest. I believe campus visits and interviews are best if you are able to travel. Good luck!
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