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Is it too late to apply? (Jan. 1 deadline)

Hiya12345Hiya12345 55 replies23 threads Junior Member
Ok, so I procrastinated and haven't applied yet. I can fill out all the Common App information, and write all the essays today, but obviously I wouldn't be able to get ACT scores, official transcript, or teacher recommendations for at least a week.

Do those need to be sent by January first as well? Or can I submit my application, and request those on Monday?
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Replies to: Is it too late to apply? (Jan. 1 deadline)

  • CollegeMan91CollegeMan91 354 replies16 threads Member
    It varies from college to college. I would consult the specific college to see if they accept those items later.
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  • wisteria100wisteria100 4341 replies48 threads Senior Member
    Not all college applications are due Jan 1. Some are Jan 5 or Jan 15
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  • sophie9999sophie9999 442 replies7 threads Member
    Most colleges will accept supporting materials after the deadlines as long as your application was submitted on time. Check on each school's website to make sure.
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  • intparentintparent 36291 replies644 threads Senior Member
    Generally those pieces can be late, BUT a school that considers interest will probably figure out that they are a last minute addition.
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  • N's MomN's Mom 2206 replies6 threads Senior Member
    Ok, so I procrastinated and haven't applied yet.

    Are you sure you want to apply? This isn't the behavior of someone who wants to attend college. It's not obligatory, you know. You can do a gap year instead. Or work for a few years and figure out what you want to do. If applications are just a way to get the adults in your life off your back, you may want to sit down an discuss alternatives instead. Could be a much more productive use of your time than slapping together an essay and shooting off applications to schools you haven't got much interest in.

    Just FYI, teachers usually need more than a week to write recommendations. Transcripts often take more than a week to send out too. So if you haven't already asked for these things, you're probably looking at a several week delay.
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  • bjkmombjkmom 7949 replies158 threads Senior Member
    You have nothing to lose by trying.

    But hedge your bets... make sure you include some schools that don't have today as a deadline. "Rolling admissions" are your friend. Try for some less competitive schools, since your actions may make you less competitive than your grades would.

    If you haven't yet requested letters of recommendation, try emailing your teachers. (ABSOLUTELY no guarantee that they'll check their email over this weekend, but you might get lucky.) Include a "brag sheet"-- any information at all that will make it easy for them to write your letter. Let them know what your grades are, what activities you've been in, and so on. Remind them of how you did in their classes, and of what you learned in their classes that really resonated.

    Know that they're really busy right now-- it's a tough time of year to stop and start writing letters. So make it as easy as possible for them.

    Also email your guidance counselor and give him/her a heads up. Let him know your exact status-- which schools you applied to today, which teachers you've requested a letter from. He may be writing you a letter too, so include a brag sheet for him too. (And know that your request is going on the bottom of a pile of other kids who also applied at or after the last minute.)
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  • uesmomof2uesmomof2 392 replies18 threads Member
    It varies from college to college. From the emails that my D has gotten over the last few days, several schools say that they want the student's part of the application submitted by 11:59 pm tonight but the rest of the materials (teacher recs, transcripts, etc.) can come in over the next week or two. Notre Dame sent an email saying that they just want the Common App submitted tonight and you had more time to submit the supplemental essay. Chicago extended the deadline to January 8th due to bad weather. Wash U's deadline is January 15th anyway.
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