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Current and Recent Courses--Common App Question

spookyisallamaspookyisallama 1 replies10 threads New Member
I'm having trouble making a decision on how to report my classes for this section. I was planning on taking two online courses at my local community college second semester and was hoping to write that on my "Current and Recent Courses," however, my guidance counselor forgot to fax my application. The class doesn't start for a month, but I'm nervous that it might be full by the time they get the new application and then I will have misrepresented myself on the common app. If that were to happen could I just call the school I applied to and tell them I switched to different classes, or should I just leave it off my application entirely?
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Replies to: Current and Recent Courses--Common App Question

  • lurkertoposterlurkertoposter 42 replies6 threads Junior Member
    Feel free to report it. My friend dual enrolled and EDed at Columbia, and put down the classes she thought she would be taking. One of them changed but a quick email explaining the situation fixed it. As long as the class isn't underwater basket weaving when you reported calculus ten, I'm sure they will be understanding!
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