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Sophomore in High school questions


Replies to: Sophomore in High school questions

  • LovenetcLovenetc 159 replies37 threads Junior Member
    Hey there! You seen to be doing pretty well right now, but as others have said, you are still a Sophomore and still have some time. I would recommend:

    -Continue striving for great grades and a solid GPA
    -Start studying/prepping for the SAT/ACT NOW! Believe me, just recently as a HS Senior I realized that my scores are not going to get me a lot of scholarships... :(
    - Speaking of money, I know you said your parents have a fund for you, which is great, but always apply for scholarships when you get test scorers and have more solid stats that are good. You never know, just like @mathmom said, $240,000 is the cost at some private colleges. Funding can get hectic!
    - Continue being involved, it seems you are doing well with that, just continue participation
    -Enjoy high school, as it does go by...you will do great in college!


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  • mathyonemathyone 4193 replies34 threads Senior Member
    I think you are too focused on those rankings. Those are just lists that people made up. Many other people would disagree with them.

    Why did you waste your chance to practice the PSAT by not trying? Many of the questions you are asking here as others have pointed out, are easily answered with a little web searching. You seem to be expecting us to do this work for you. I won't respond any further as you don't seem to be trying very hard here.
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  • hopan1004hopan1004 18 replies5 threads New Member
    @mathmom @Lovenetc @Erin's Dad Thanks for helping me out. My questions are done pretty much and I will improve my GPA since it is the most important thing and I will work on my final exam. Let me know if you guys have anything else to say. Thank you for helping me out.
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  • hopan1004hopan1004 18 replies5 threads New Member
    @mathyone I didn't want you guys to feel that way.My parents don't speak English and I just wanted someone to talk to from U.S who knows well about college admission in U.S. I am trying in school and You don't need to respond no more, because Right now, I just need to focus on my GPA. Thanks for the help though @MYOS1634 and @mathyone
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  • MYOS1634MYOS1634 43226 replies471 threads Senior Member
    edited March 2016
    There are three colleges in Maryland that are quite good and reputable: University of Maryland College Park, which is very hard to get into and has the big sports teams which makes it very well-known to people, but also top programs in computer science, cybersecurity, criminology...; University of Maryland Baltimore County, which is excellent for STEM; St Mary's, University of Maryland's Honors public LAC. All three are very good. Other universities include Towson or Montgomery College, they'd be good matches if you have a 3.0 and good safeties if you have a 3.4+. Also very good and accessible with a 3.5 GPA and good test scores: Goucher, Loyola-Maryland. If you want, you can go and visit Goucher, UMD BC, and Loyola-Maryland. All three are very different, so you'd get a feel for what you like or dislike in a college. You're not constraine by geographyor costs, so you could go on college tour trips, which many American families do in the summer after sophomore year and throughout junior year. In the states of Pennsylvania and New York, there are LOTS of colleges.
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