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Am I a transfer student at these colleges?

marinaoliveiramarinaoliveira 1 replies4 threads New Member
Hello everyone,

So, later in August of this year I'll begin my college education here in Brazil (i'm not a internacional student due to my dual citizenship with usa). Anyways, I've read at this facebook group that some colleges can accept you as a freshmen only if you haven't completed a year of studies at any college.

I'm planning on studying for just one semester (from august to December) and then put my college registration on hold and stay at home/working during what-would-be my second semester (from February to june) to wait the results. If I get accepted in a american college I would break/cancel my registration and wait until moving day, if rejected I would start to study again in august. (note: in brazil college starts in February, stops in July for a one-month winter break, and resumes in august to end in november for the summer break).

I've checked the websites of tons of colleges and I'm still in doubt. Until now, I really want to apply to NYU, UCLA, USC and Chapman (I want to major in Film Studies or Film Production, if they aren't the same thing). Apparently for NYU I'm a transfer but If anyone here can confirm this I would be really glad!

I've already sent a e-mail to usc (shame on me, i know, i should have sent to all of them already) but no one has answered me yet. I'm a little bit anxious cause I really want to start studying soon. I have this thing that I'm too old already to join college (I'll be turning 19 in July). And I really want to study abroad to both have an amazing life experience and also to study film/cinema at a place that really take movies seriously. (Brazil's movie industry is not that good. I feel that if I stay here I either will end up working with production forever [something really cool, like really, but I want more] or I'll end up working for tv companies and that's something I don't want to.

Really sorry for the big post people!! But I really want help cause I'm too young to die of anxiety problems.

(And I don't know much about transfer, so It's true that's transfer only have 2 years of study time at us colleges? I really didn't want to leave and go back to my college in brasil if I end up to be a transfer.)
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Replies to: Am I a transfer student at these colleges?

  • GumbymomGumbymom Forum Champion UC 30520 replies418 threads Forum Champion
    edited May 2016
    UCLA will not accept as a Freshman applicant if you take any courses at another university. You would be considered a transfer applicant and then require 60 units or more to transfer since UCLA only accepts Junior level transfers.
    You need to check with the other schools on their transfer policies.
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  • Erin's DadErin's Dad 34113 replies4831 threads Super Moderator
    Look on the web sites or contact the schools.
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