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Extracurriculars -- Quitting Dance

annamatisseannamatisse 62 replies17 threads Junior Member
Dance has always been my "sport". I am involved in many different clubs and organizations at my school and am strong academically, but I am not involved in any other sports. Lately, I have been realizing that the teachers at the studio that I dance at are not very professional and treat the dancers poorly. I would like to quit. Would it look terrible on my college application if I did, though? Would it be okay to put it on there even if I only was involved through Junior year? Or would I have to leave it off altogether?

Thanks for the advice!
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Replies to: Extracurriculars -- Quitting Dance

  • lostaccountlostaccount 5331 replies90 threads Senior Member
    High school should not be only about college applications. They are important life years. You should spend your time and effort on things that you find meaningful. If that isn't dance right now, then you should not continue if the only reason you'd continue is to satisfy colleges. You can transfer the time and energy you would have put into dance into something that you value more (for whatever reason).

    Since you were involved in dance though your junior year, you should state that you were involved in dance through your junior year on the applications. Most students find that they don't have time for all the activities they started school with. Each demands more time each year. So, continuing with those you find fulfilling and dropping those that are not is a very adaptive thing to do.
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  • bopperbopper Forum Champion CWRU 14500 replies106 threads Forum Champion
    Do you want to continue to dance in college? In your future life?
    Can you switch dance schools? Are there any dance-related ECs (e.g., cheerleading) that you could do?
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  • AroundHereAroundHere 3600 replies22 threads Senior Member
    My DD is a HS senior, and just did her senior recital at her dance school - there were only four seniors total. Despite the huge number of kids who start in dance classes in elementary school, very few stick with it all four years of high school. You would not be the only one to quit.

    She is also dual-enrolled and joined dance club at her CC. College dance is so different from private dance schools! There is a much bigger variety of skill levels, so it's not intensive training, but everyone is so passionate about the art because it takes a lot to commit to dance while doing college level classes. I would try to keep in shape and keep doors open to try dance again in college. It may be a much more joyful environment.

    Also quitting because "the teachers were unprofessional" would not look good on an application. Colleges don't like students who complain about teachers. Say something neutral: "I wanted to focus on other things senior year" or "explore other opportunities" or whatever.
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  • happy1happy1 23972 replies2404 threads Super Moderator
    If you enjoy dance and don't like your teachers, perhaps you can find another outlet (ex. another school, a dance class at a local college, helping to teach dance somewhere etc.)
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  • 2019hope2019hope 201 replies0 threads Junior Member
    ^^^^ Helping teach, volunteer to teach dance somewhere? That sounds pretty good!
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  • annamatisseannamatisse 62 replies17 threads Junior Member
    @lostaccount Thank you for the advice! That is more towards what I was thinking and was hoping colleges would view it in a similar manner.

    @bopper I've thought about dancing in college a bit, but another reason I am quitting is that I am overextended with all of the activities I have been doing. I would stay in shape by working out on my own, but joining another studio just for my senior year would likely add more stress than staying in dance.

    @AroundHere Yes, there are many other reasons other than the teachers being unprofessional that I am quitting. I simply do not have time for everything I am doing right now, and I have been having a hard time focusing on any one activity as a result. Quitting would be a way to focus on activities more applicable to my future.

    Thanks for all the comments! It's really helped!
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