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Will Boston College still consider you for other schools if you don't get into Carroll?

camwowcamwow 266 replies51 threads Member
I really really wanna get a business degree,
but BC stated in their FAQs: "Students must apply to one of the four academic divisions at ......... and selectivity is very similar across the divisions, with the exception of the Carroll School of Management . In recent years, few seats have been available in the Carroll School of Management, thus allowing us to enroll only a handful (5–10) of new sophomores and juniors. Please be advised that applying to a different undergraduate division with the intent of transferring into the Carroll School of Management once enrolled at Boston College is not advised."

On the Common App, BC doesn't ask you about your second choice school/major, so if you just list Carroll as your school, will they only consider you for that school? Or if you are not qualified for that school, but qualified for the other schools maybe, then will they take that into consideration and accept you through this process? Please help!
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Replies to: Will Boston College still consider you for other schools if you don't get into Carroll?

  • gobosoxgobosox 116 replies0 threads Junior Member
    You can only apply to the one school, I'm afraid.
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  • camwowcamwow 266 replies51 threads Member
    aw man that sucks. does anyone know how much more difficult it is to get into carroll? the acceptance rate? is it worth trying out for or should I just apply to the arts and sciences school?
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  • class0f2017class0f2017 770 replies153 threads Member
    @camwow If you really want to go to BC, you might want to apply to an easier school. If you want to study business, then go for CSOM cause what's the point of getting into BC if you give up studying what you want to study?

    It's nearly impossible to transfer into CSOM. Not sure if it's because of the selectivity though. On our tour, our tour guide's biggest tip was to apply to CSOM if there is any chance you want to study business because it's really hard to transfer because of the business requirements.
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  • bluebayoubluebayou 26933 replies175 threads Senior Member
    If you really want a biz degree, than Carroll is your only option. Of course, you could always be an Econ major in A&S, but that is not an undergrad biz degree?

    are you looking to transfer in? If so, the quote that you noted is spot on. A few years ago, Carroll did not accept any transfers since it over-enrolled the Frosh class from the year before. (Yield was higher than expected.) Even very competitive students cannot transfer in if there are no beds available.

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  • junior2017junior2017 195 replies19 threads Junior Member
    I believe they will only consider you for CSOM - that's what an adcom member said when she spoke to my school. I'm in your same boat though - I applied early action to CSOM.
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