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How long should college updates be?

TMNTsquTMNTsqu 58 replies28 threads Junior Member
So how long should mine be?
2-3 sentences?

2-3 paragraphs?

An essay?

What do they consider the best? and which one will ruin your chances? are updates good to send in general?
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Replies to: How long should college updates be?

  • happy1happy1 23039 replies2275 threads Senior Member
    edited February 2017
    Short and sweet -- a few sentences. Let them know of your new significant accomplishment, reaffirm your interest in the school, and thank them for their time. If you have nothing new and significant to say, then there is no reason to send an update. Admissions officers are swamped right now and are not looking for more to read.
    edited February 2017
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  • TMNTsquTMNTsqu 58 replies28 threads Junior Member
    i know essays will kill you but what if you have a few paragraphs how you got the award and why its significant to you?
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  • marvin100marvin100 8568 replies1249 threads Senior Member
    A paragraph or two, max. Something like 2 sentences intro, 3-5 in graf 2, then a polite sign-off.
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