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Will CSUN rescind my acceptance if I drop out of my CP Physics class?

On my application for CSUN I put as my intended major as Civil Engineering. After a lot of thinking and going over what I really see myself doing in the future it's definitely no longer engineering. I am currently taking a physics class because I thought this would look good on my application- as I intended to major in civil engineering.

I would now like to major in Cinema & Television Arts at CSUN (I am aware this is impacted). I've always liked editing videos for video projects and imagined my self as being part of the post production for films and what not- and I always thought maybe I can do this in the future but never really went through with it until now...

Since I plan to change my major to something that doesn't have much to do with the STEM department I plan to drop the Physics class. On my CSUN application I put Physics as one of the courses I was taking. Since I plan to drop Physics will I be at a risk of CSUN rescinding my admission?????


*I've called CSUN and asked them about my situation. The admissions representative asked me if I had "passed chemistry and biology with a C or better" and I told her "yes". And then she asked me for my CSUN student ID and she looked for the classes I took and she said I should be fine. I kept on repeating my main question (will my acceptance be rescinded if I drop my physics class?) just to make sure. She told me that I shouldn't worry.

Honestly I'm just very worried because a lot of people on this site (after looking through similar forums) have said similar things such as, "just finish the class you got a B first semester, you shouldn't be worried". I would like, possibly, other opinions, and if you have ever been in my situation- should I just trust the admissions representative or? I mean it's not that I don't trust her advisement it's just that many people say different things when I explain the situation.

Also, the admissions representative told me to send my high school transcript, I asked her "like right now?" and she said "yes". Do you think she is talking about my transcript once I drop that Physics class, or before I decide to drop that Physics class? She also mentioned that I'll be able to change my major after 5 weeks of school starting my freshman year.
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Replies to: Will CSUN rescind my acceptance if I drop out of my CP Physics class?

  • Erin's DadErin's Dad 33202 replies3929 threads Super Moderator
    You've already contacted the school and received your answer. Dropping the class won't mean you are rescinded. Chill.
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  • GumbymomGumbymom 28522 replies190 threadsForum Champion UC Forum Champion
    edited February 2017
    You did want you were suppose to do and contacted CSUN. They gave you their answer. You should be fine.
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