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I got rejected from my STATE school_ What am I doing wrong?


Replies to: I got rejected from my STATE school_ What am I doing wrong?

  • gouf78gouf78 Registered User Posts: 5,694 Senior Member
    Bookworm--Rollins is also private--tuition and board runs 60K/year

    If you think you are interested in New College, you must visit first.
  • edgeook8edgeook8 Registered User Posts: 53 Junior Member
    FWIW: I personally know of the following "Accepted to _________ but rejected from UF" stories from recent years, so not all hope is lost (of course these are purely anecdotal). Listed in order of shock value: UChicago, Emory, Davidson, Boston College (me and two friends), NYU, Brandeis, Wake Forest. A lot of these were URM and/or students that had incredible recommendations. Plus, having additional essay supplements, interviews, and more time to give each app a more thorough reading (potentially), meant that these students were still able to get into some awesome schools despite the ding from UF.

    All that said, I'm so happy that you're looking into New College. It is such an awesome school. If BC meets my full need, then I probably won't be considering NCF anymore, but if they do not, then it's back to my very happy backup while I wait out the rest of these decisions.
  • rvalover7rvalover7 Registered User Posts: 355 Member
    OP, I'm not sure if you're interested in this or would consider it, but why not go to community college for a year (if you end up not going anywhere else). It wouldn't be the end of the world and during transfer admissions most schools do not require testing scores. You have a good GPA in HS, follow that up with a solid 1st semester of college GPA and you could definitely get into Miami, UF, and more.
  • MYOS1634MYOS1634 Registered User Posts: 31,484 Senior Member
    edited March 18
    ^well, the issue is that transfers get lousy aid, so it may be a problem for OP. OP may need to preserve "freshman status" to get maximum scholarships.
  • rvalover7rvalover7 Registered User Posts: 355 Member
    @MYOS1634 if it is not the case though, than perhaps they should consider this. I personally settled for a school I hated and then ended up at CC. Now I'm waiting to hear back from colleges for the fall. If I could have done it over again, I wouldn't have let my pride get the best of me. Just something for OP to consider. I went through a similar struggle.
  • twoinanddonetwoinanddone Registered User Posts: 14,079 Senior Member
    I think the OP is being too picky and may end up with no options. UF is not a safety for anyone because they do holistic admissions. Many top students are required to start in the summer or wait until spring. OP doesn't like UCF, doesn't like FAU. It's fine to be picky when you have perfect scores and grades AND lots of money, but that isn't the case here. Wanting to leave Florida just because you want to is a luxury this student doesn't have. OP can leave Florida in 4 years.

    Florida rewards residents with very low tuition and BF, some other aid (there is a state program like SEOG) for low income students. There are a lot of local scholarships from groups like the American Legion, women's group, photography studios, and many can only be used at an instate school. They often aren't large scholarships, but every little bit helps. There is New College for students who want that very tiny LAC experience. There is a Resident Grant to help resident afford private schools. There are some private schools that are low tuition; Flagler is only $16k for tuition, less the resident grant ($3k), so with a full Pell grant, an SEOG, a FSEOG, and the Stafford loans, most students can make it work.

    If a student wants to give all that up to go OOS, that's up to him, but he then, IMO, doesn't get to complain that he can't afford to go to college. He may not be able to afford the college he wants, but he can afford college.
  • MYOS1634MYOS1634 Registered User Posts: 31,484 Senior Member
    OP has since pursued Wilkes at FAU and NCF which are good Florida alternatives.
    Often, students and even GC 's look at scores and think, oh it's a match because they're above the average. For very selective universities acceptance rate must be factored in, too.
  • cody27cody27 Registered User Posts: 56 Junior Member

    The option for a CC isn't bad, but I would rather enroll at one of the universities that I have been accepted to and then eventually transfer to a state-school or an OOS if admitted with good FA. The thing about my CC, I already took most of the freshman and sophomore courses there through Dual enrollment, IB credits and AP courses. Sure, CC is a good option ( they'll accept all of my AP and IB credits and I will enter with my associates), but my GC (and I) feel like I would be wasting time. Considering the field that I want to study, I believe that it is best if I study at a university..

    Anyways quick update, yesterday I got waitlisted by two schools (one of which I was expecting a rejection from).I accepted both waitlist positions (because why not??). I also received my FA letter from the college that previously offered 30k/year in merit aid. It was a very generous offer and I almost cried. Although it covers tuition and some housing cost, I still have to sit down with my parents and discuss the other expenses (food, clothing ex). I am still waiting to hear back from other colleges.....
  • ClarinetDad16ClarinetDad16 Registered User Posts: 3,420 Senior Member
    What is your class rank?

    Your SAT is slightly below the average at UF but I would imagine it is your GPA (rank) that knocked you out.

    Almost all (96%) the UF admits (from schools that rank) are in the top 20% of their class.
  • paveyourpathpaveyourpath Registered User Posts: 1,292 Senior Member
    @cody27 If you decide to appeal the UF decision, your counselor should contact admissions to discuss the circumstances you mention of deaths in your family junior year. Unfortunately, when a school only considers grades and essays, it becomes purely numbers. It put you at a disadvantage because the school probably viewed your transcript as trending in the wrong direction (9th - As, 10th - 2Bs, 11th Bs or mostly Bs?) They may not have taken the time to read your essay/ supplement and consider your circumstances junior year if they were focused on scores/ grades. Good luck to you!
  • austinmshauriaustinmshauri Registered User Posts: 5,817 Senior Member
    I also received my FA letter from the college that previously offered 30k/year in merit aid....Although it covers tuition and some housing cost, I still have to sit down with my parents and discuss the other expenses (food, clothing ex).

    I thought in another thread you said you were applying as an independent. If you got a dependency override of some kind and your parents pay part of your tuition, can you still be considered independent?
  • cody27cody27 Registered User Posts: 56 Junior Member
    edited March 19
    @austinmshauri, as an orphan I got a dependency override for some colleges, however others required that I filed out their individual financial aid application with the parents (guardians) that both support me. For the CSS profile I had to apply as an independent because I met the requirements and couldn't provide my biological parents tax returns :). It's a big mess, but in my appeal form I explained my situation. I didn't get an override for some colleges, I still had to apply with my guardians. However some colleges don't determined institutional financial aid/need according to what the government says.
  • cody27cody27 Registered User Posts: 56 Junior Member
    @ClarinetDad16 Last time I checked in December I was 48/565, top 10%.
  • ClarinetDad16ClarinetDad16 Registered User Posts: 3,420 Senior Member
    That's good. It would seem your school is not very competitive?
  • cody27cody27 Registered User Posts: 56 Junior Member
    @ClarinetDad16 my school is very competitive. A lot of kids go to very selective universities. The thing that shocked me is that some kids that were ranked around 200 in my class got in and I didn't.
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