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Getting in from the waitlist with a gap year

TheAtomicGooseTheAtomicGoose 1 replies2 threads New Member
Hi All,

I was just waitlisted from Brown, which is (at this point) my top choice. I'm planning to take a gap year regardless of where I end up going for college, and I was wondering if telling Brown of that plan in hopes of being admitted for next year (I've read that's called being z-listed?) would be a good strategy. On one hand, I've heard of people being admitted for the next year off of the waitlist, so telling them that I'm willing to 100% commit to going if they admit me for next year seems like it would be a good idea. On the other hand, I can see them thinking that my desire to take a gap year is a sign of not really wanting to be in college (which isn't the case). What are your thoughts?

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Replies to: Getting in from the waitlist with a gap year

  • happy1happy1 23039 replies2275 threads Senior Member
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    If you tell them you are taking a gap year, they will likely remove you from the waitlist. And if you get in off the waitlist the school likely wants you to attend this fall. I'd play it out and see what happens. If you want to show your 100% commitment to attend consider applying ED next year if it is fiscally do-able.

    Take a gap year if it is what you want to do. But unless you are doing something crazy spectacular with the year, don't expect your admission decision to Brown to be different next year because you took gap year -- of course anything can happen, but I'm just saying don't take a gap year assuming it will get you into Brown next year.

    It is a mistake in general to pin all of your hopes on one hyper-competitive lottery type of school. You need to expand your list and seek out other colleges that are less competitive for admissions and that you would be very happy to attend.
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  • TheAtomicGooseTheAtomicGoose 1 replies2 threads New Member
    Thanks for the advice! I guess I won't tell them that I'm planning on taking a gap year.

    Just in response to the last thing you said: I got into another college that I'd be happy to attend (Northeastern), but I'd prefer Brown over NEU, so I'm going to stay on the waitlist.
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