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am i hopeless?

tungsten123tungsten123 51 replies16 threads Junior Member
i dont have any strong EC's. i joined few clubs that i stayed for few years. but i barely did any volunteering/intership outside of school. will volunteering at a library be helpful? what kind of volunteering should i do/start? im a junior. thankyou all !
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Replies to: am i hopeless?

  • IBviolamomIBviolamom 378 replies37 threads Member
    The kind of volunteering you should start is whatever kind interests you. Volunteer with kids if you like kids. Help out at an animal shelter if that's your thing. Do beach cleanups if you care about the environment. But do what you will find rewarding.

    The kind you shouldn't do? Anything you're doing just because you think it will help you get into colleges. It really defeats the purpose. Hope this helps!
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  • tungsten123tungsten123 51 replies16 threads Junior Member
    thank you.
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  • Wien2NCWien2NC 1042 replies19 threads Senior Member
    where do you want to apply? there are gobs of schools that won't care anything about your ECs
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  • SwellyBellySwellyBelly 63 replies8 threads Junior Member
    Start thinking about what career path you want to take and what schools you're applying to. Schools like to see intent and direction. For example, If you're applying to be a marketing major, you should join FBLA or DECA, not science club. Also, volunteering is important, but not as much as participating in something you're passionate about that is related to your future goals and develops leadership skills.

    Also, research what schools are looking for and what worked for students that were accepted there. If they commonly accept students that show entrepreneurship skills, start your own fundraising drive for something you're passionate about, or start a club.
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  • LindagafLindagaf 9487 replies507 threads Senior Member
    Read the pinned post about good ECs in the Chances forum. Lots of good ideas.
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  • TTGTTG 1663 replies14 threads Senior Member
    No, not hopeless at all. And you have time to do some things that will help with college admissions and, more importantly, help you grow and develop and have some fun. One great thing would be to get a job this summer. Any job. Working teaches a young person a lot. It's a very different experience than school.

    Also, do something that YOU want to do. Find an activity you think would be interesting and challenging. Don't try to pick something you think will look good; pick something that intrigues you. And do it. If it turns out it's not for you, that's okay. You learned something. And then try something else. I'm certain there are things at your school or in your community that are interesting to you. Just try to find them. Good luck!
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