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Taking unrelated SAT Subject Tests?

azzameriaazzameria 2 replies8 threads New Member
I haven't decided what I want to major in for college but I'm leaning toward Biology.

Unfortunately, I'm taking biology next year and haven't taken a biology class since freshman year, so I don't remember many of the concepts.

I am, however, considering taking a subject test in Literature, since it's one of my stronger subjects.

Is taking a subject test completely unrelated to your major harmful to "image" I want to create on my app? And how much do SAT subject tests really matter?
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Replies to: Taking unrelated SAT Subject Tests?

  • worriestoomuchworriestoomuch 182 replies7 threads Junior Member
    These are good questions. But without more information about the other science classes you have taken in high school, as well as your grades in those classes, your questions are difficult to answer. But in general, it is important for students to take classes, pursue extracurriculars, etc., that support their stated interest in a prospective college major. Given how competitive high school science has become, I would imagine that a transcript that does not show at least two demanding Bio classes taken prior to senior year, or a strong Bio Subject Test score would undermine your credibility as a prospective Bio major. If you are a strong humanities student, then take the subject tests that will strengthen your application. You can always decide to pursue Bio once you enter college.
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  • AroundHereAroundHere 3586 replies22 threads Senior Member
    You need to take tests you will do well in. For science subject tests, that usually means the subject you just took in high school as that is freshest in your mind.

    Most schools do not require subject tests. For those that do, the requirements can be flexible or inflexible. If you need to read up on the subject test requirements of different schools, google "compass guide to college admission testing" and download it.
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  • worriestoomuchworriestoomuch 182 replies7 threads Junior Member
    As to your question whether "subject test scores matter," I would advise you to look at the application requirements of each college you want to attend, as well as the academic and testing profiles of students who have been accepted to those colleges.
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