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Is it true that West Point transfers can usually transfer into any school they want?

rj15rj15 13 replies20 threads Junior Member
I've heard a few people say this, and say it even includes the top schools. Is it true?
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Replies to: Is it true that West Point transfers can usually transfer into any school they want?

  • ChoatieMomChoatieMom 5325 replies249 threads Senior Member
    edited September 2017
    Of course the "any school they want" is not true. Like transferring from anywhere, it depends on the cadet and the reason for transfer. A cadet who is strong academically at the academy who wishes to transfer to a civilian university may have some good choices but certainly not to "any school they want." The academy does not confer magic on anyone. If a cadet has been separated from the academy for cause (honor violation, academics, etc.), no amount of West Point "cachet" is going to mitigate the separation. Anyone thinking that two free years at an academy is a good strategy into the Ivies or other selective colleges probably won't get past their congressional nominating panels as they are pretty good at ferreting out motives. However, a cadet who was a strong candidate for a highly selective civilian college when s/he applied to an academy and who remained academically strong while at an academy is still a good candidate for those colleges if they find the military is not for them and need to complete their education elsewhere.
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