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My chances of getting into psu main campus

aaaggg123aaaggg123 0 replies1 threads New Member
Cum gpa-3.55
Junior year gpa-3.8
Activities: pals club,german honor society, german club, 4 years of varsity lacrosse, volunteer at 5k runs and youth clinics, part time job with 15-20 hours a week

I've taken 2 honors classes
What are my chances of getting into psu main campus if i go undecided and apply for the summer program
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Replies to: My chances of getting into psu main campus

  • jlhpsujlhpsu Forum Champion Penn State 1971 replies39 threads Forum Champion
    Penn State will not care if your GPA was better your junior year, all they will care about is your overall GPA. With a 3.55 and 1100 SAT, you are just below the middle 50% in both categories, which is all PSU will look at. Anecdotally, my daughter got in a few years ago with DUS and summer with a 3.5 and a 28 ACT. A 28 ACT equates to approx. a 1350 SAT. She had also done a lot of dual enrollment classes with a Penn State commonwealth. Both of those things helped to get her in I believe.
    You are right on the bubble and no one will really be able to tell you definitively you will get in or you won't. Your SAT and GPA are in the bottom 25% for admissions to PSU and you didn't really take a rigorous curriculum with only 2 honors classes. My guess is you will be offered a branch campus if there are a lot of applicants to DUS. But, if not, then you may get in. But I would be surprised if you get in without the summer session. My daughter did summer and she loved it, as most do, so don't worry if you get summer - you will love it.

    Penn State admissions does weird things sometimes so it's impossible to say. I think you have a 50/50 chance.
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  • MYOS1634MYOS1634 43231 replies471 threads Senior Member
    Your odds for DUS/Summer at Main Campus are low, it's a reach. Not impossible but I'd say 50-50 at best, probably more like 30% odds. However your odds are good they'll offer a "good" branch campus (Erie, Altoona, Harrisburg).
    And of course do apply to Temple.
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