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College Admissions Statistics Class of 2022


Replies to: College Admissions Statistics Class of 2022

  • foosondaughterfoosondaughter 308 replies6 threads Member
    Showing just overall admission rates. With the addition of Southern Cal (http://admissionblog.usc.edu/it-was-the-best-of-times-it-was-the-worst-of-times/), UVA (https://news.virginia.edu/content/uva-releases-admissions-decisions-and-uva22-begins-trending-grounds), and Haverford College (https://www.haverford.edu/admission/haverford-admits-class-2022). Also, looks like Colby's numbers were overall, rather than RD (http://www.colby.edu/news/2018/03/23/demand-for-colby-rises-among-high-achieving-students/)

    MIT Overall (RD+EA) 1,464 out of 21,706 (6.7%)
    Pomona Overall (RD+ED) 713 out of 10,245 (6.9%)
    Swarthmore Overall (ED+RD) 980 out of 10,749 (9.1%)
    Johns Hopkins Overall (RD+ED) 2,894 out of 29,128 (9.9%)
    Williams Overall (RD+ED) 1,163 out of 9,559 (12.2%)
    USC Overall 8,258 out of 64,256 (12.9%)
    Colby Overall 1,602 out of 12,313 (13.0%)
    Harvey Mudd Overall (RD+ED) (14.5%)
    WashU Overall (RD+ED) (15%)
    Tulane Overall ~6,598 out of 38,813 (17%)
    Davidson Overall ~1,066 out of 5,700 (18.7%)
    Haverford Overall 877 out of 4682 (18.7%)
    Wellesley Overall ~1,267 out of 6,670 (19%)
    BU Overall ~14,184 out of 64,473 (22%)
    UVA Overall 9,850 out of 37,222 (26.5%)
    VIllanova Overall (RD+EA+ED) 6,545 out of 22,727 (28.8%)
    Florida Overall 14,866 out of 40,849 (36.4%)
    Goorgia Overall (RD+EA) < 12,700 out of 26,500 (< 47.9%)
    Santa Clara Overall (RD+ED) ~ 7,954 out of 16,233 (49%)
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  • nostalgicwisdomnostalgicwisdom 1298 replies49 threads Senior Member
    @evergreen5 Wouldn't a median be more informative than an average? In Haverford's case, 50% scored at or above a 34 on the ACT, and 50% scored at or below a 34. So most likely a majority of admitted students had a ACT in the 99th percentile (34+ range)

    Averages get pulled down by outliers, which have a greater weight when the bulk of students are testing in the top range of testing. If you admitted 5 students with a 36 and one with a 18, the median would be a 36, but the average would be a 33.

    I think the middle 50% is more informative and clear than either, though.
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  • Eva12344Eva12344 45 replies16 threads Junior Member
    edited March 2018
  • collegemomjamcollegemomjam 2093 replies1 threads Senior Member
    Do we have a rate for Boston College now that RD was released?
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  • afisher623afisher623 71 replies4 threads Junior Member
    Does anyone know the stats for Colgate and Bates this year?
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  • foosondaughterfoosondaughter 308 replies6 threads Member
    @jojo99 It seems like many of the schools are deliberately hiding those numbers.
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  • AlmostThere2018AlmostThere2018 1768 replies60 threads Senior Member
    @jojo99 -- if you look at (google) common data set for a college you can do the math to figure it out -- but that' s a year or so in arrears do won't be good for class of 2022. It's a good point. My D just got into some great colleges RD, and I told her that's going to be some serious cred where ever she ends up b/c RD is just getting smaller and smaller. I think ED is an aid for the wealthy and am not a fan at all.
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  • CorinthianCorinthian 1808 replies63 threads Senior Member
    I agree that it seems like some schools are hiding the numbers. In past years @spayurpets and others would manually back out the ED numbers and calculate an RD only rate. But using Pomona as an example, they have not published their ED numbers for their class of 2022 yet. In past years that information would be in the student newspaper shortly after ED2 decisions came out, but this year there's no published info that I can find. I think Pomona and other schools with super low admit rates realize that publishing the ED rate just fuels the pressure to apply ED and makes RD look hopeless. If the blended rate is 6.9%, then if you back out the recruited athletes, Questbridge matches, Posse admits and the other ED applicants, it's going to be significantly lower. I'm sure this is true at many schools.
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  • lizzy1234lizzy1234 99 replies11 threads Junior Member
    edited March 2018
    Notre Dame EA + RD?
    edited March 2018
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  • evergreen5evergreen5 1917 replies35 threads Senior Member
    Northwestern overall (ED+RD) 3,392 out of the 40,425 (8.4%)
    RD alone, 6.4%
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  • evergreen5evergreen5 1917 replies35 threads Senior Member
    @collegemomjam Just out this morning.

    Boston College overall 8,400 out of over 31,000 (27%)
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  • ChrchillChrchill 1004 replies25 threads Senior Member
    quoted from a poster who just attended reception for admitted students and recorded Nondorf.:

    " We've had over 32000 students apply to the University this year and the admit was a little over, so 7.2%. The most selective we've ever been. If you were in the regular round, so if you're like woo-ho I just got in recently, their admit rate was 4%. <<gasps>> And if you were one of those students who we, in the early action round we deferred you and we came to our senses <<laughs>> and admitted you in regular you had a 0.5% admit rate.<<gasps>> Thank you "
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  • sciencenerd123sciencenerd123 774 replies48 threads Member
    @Chrchill I was so confused when I read that I was like what the heck is Nondorf University?? Haha, then I looked it up and realized you were talking about UChicago. Those stats are crazy!
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  • observer12observer12 319 replies0 threads Member
    edited March 2018
    Responding to above discussion of RD vs. ED rates and "it seems like some schools are hiding the numbers."

    What does this say about colleges and universities that would hide these numbers? What possible purpose could that have?

    I have a lot of respect for the selective schools that only admit with non-binding EA. That includes only 3 of the Ivies (Harvard, Yale, and Princeton), MIT, Stanford, a number of top public universities like U. Michigan and other private universities like Georgetown (I know that list isn't complete).

    I also have a lot of respect for those schools that have ED programs and are very transparent about their ED admissions rates and how much of the class is filled that way. (Middlebury, other Ivy League universities, and many other amazing colleges and universities)

    I just don't understand why all colleges are not making those statistics easily accessible for applicants and why it seems at some schools it is impossible to know the ED admittance rate and how much of the class is filled via that method. Why hide that?
    edited March 2018
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  • 1NJParent1NJParent 2206 replies37 threads Senior Member
    Among private colleges, only Caltech and MIT offer completely unrestrictive EA (UChicago and CWRU technically also offer unrestrictive EA, but they're in name only and are offered primarily to attract more applications). Georgetown and Notre Dame offer a form of restrictive EA (no ED application to another private college). Stanford, Harvard, Princeton and Yale offer slightly more restrictive form of EA (no EA or ED application to another private college). Among the most selective colleges, only UChicago and Columbia don't release admission data in the form of the Common Data Set.
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  • collegemomjamcollegemomjam 2093 replies1 threads Senior Member
    @evergreen5 Thanks. I think that might be an all time low for them. I bet CSOM, the Business School, is like 15%.
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